March 06, 2021

Game Master
Eric Liu
Erik Abbond
Kygar Whirlwind
Steven Berns
Tesco Samson
Cal Trout


TotNK Session 6

Plot Synopsis

Those at Sawbones mill (Erik and Tyrone) discover that their chest of 3000 gold is haunted with a child’s spirit, who instructs them to return the cache to Zhemenka, or face consequences. They resolve to do so, and journey with Ricky in the cart back towards Tajsun. They eventually meet back up with the other party members, who have arrived through the tunnels to Saint Rabbican Cathedral, where they meet Cal Trout, who has been working on tailoring priestly vestments for the last week. They meet Abeforth, who shows them some of his research into the monsters Azeroth has brought to Nahrūl. He also suggests the party go see the Dawn Oracle.

They journey to the Oracle’s Room, when Ravanal gets his wallet stolen by Crow, and chases Crow around the streets, out of Tajsun. The party gets a prophecy foretold to them, and decides to set off towards the village of Zhemenka. On the way there, they stop by Avelód Tower, overlooking Avelód Lake. Remembering something about a “holy blue mirror” and “touching the clouds,” a few party members (Cal, Tesco, Steven, Ira) stay behind as the rest (Erik, Tyrone, Ricky, Kygar, Ravanal) journey in the wagon to Zhemenka.

At the tower, Cal, Tesco, and Ira explore around the tower as the sun sets, and find a game of Witch-Queen’s Gambit happening behind a tent. There, they lose a decent day’s work of gold, and meet a few colorful characters: Simon, Smokey Joe, and Silent Johnson. They eventually explore the slippery steps down to the thin beach over 500 feet down the cliff, and see submerged ruins buried in the lakebed. They resolve to explore there tomorrow morning. They rejoin the Witch-Queen’s Gambit game and learn that the ruins are cursed, and there is some tension between Simon and Smokey Joe regarding Smokey Joe’s step-sister, Sloppy Jo. They then all rest in a hostel tent for the night.

As the others approached Zhemenka, they encountered the two ghosts who are now bound to Erik and Tyrone (whose names are Gentle Mina and Hanged Tom, respectively). Ravanal tried to exorcise the ghosts but failed and only made it worse. That night, Erik had a nightmare. They went to the Mortimer Manor where the Puppet Miester put them through a partial death maze, and then the party killed him (or did they?).

Noteworthy Postgame Events