February 27, 2021

Game Master
Eric Liu
Erik Abbond
Kygar Whirlwind
Ricky Lawbringer
Steven Berns
Tesco Samson


TotNK Sesson 5

Plot Synopsis

The party regroups after a night of revelry in the Golden Dawn tavern, where they realize that there are two missing members; Ricky, now a vampire, snuck into the city, while making sure to avoid any Mishrites around.

Kygar and Ravanal travel through the streets and alleys of Tajsun amidst the celebrations looking for the missing Steven and Tesco. They eventually find a trail of ashy footprints and drag marks down a dark alley. Meanwhile, Steven and Tesco are interrogated, as Steven's elemental energy is drained by a Yartz. During the interrogation, Kygar and Ravanal find a hidden entrence into the Piso, and handidly deal with three Silhouette guards in the sewers, one of which was a beloved member named Debbin. Kygar and Ravanal find their way into the second level of the Silhouettes HQ, a large black market level in a massive cistern. They see a prison on the lower level, and decide to head there, after doing a little bit of shopping. A fight breaks out as they are discovered to be infiltratators in the HQ, and they defeat a squadron of guards as Tesco and Steven breaks out of the interrogation room. They escape from the HQ and head back to the cathedral through the tunnels.

The other half of the party (Erik, Tyrone, and Ricky) went to Sawbones Mill after an extended black market shopping trip, during the time Kygar and Ravanal were tracking Steven and Tesco. They purchased weapons, ammo, black powder, and a wagon to carry supplies. Party then met the demon hunter Marya Yivniva who pointed them to the direction of Kissin' Kait Lawbreaker, and then Marya rode off to Tajsun to try and find the other adventures to give them some information on Azeroth. On the journey there, party got trapped in a nightmare sequence where they faced their fears and even briefly met a projection of Azeroth himself and the Puppet Meister. After facing their fears they made it to Sawbones Mill where everything quickly went to hell, one of the Liyečnik sisters is killed, as is Kait Lawbreaker, and they broke up the sisters' terisium ring (where they gathered 4 oz of terisium). They also found a chest of 3000 gold pieces.

Noteworthy Postgame Events