March 06, 2021

Game Master
Erik Abbadon
Kygar Whirlwind
Ricky Lawbringer


TotNK session 5 (group 2)

Plot Synopsis

After winning the siege Party decided to split up in order to cover more ground. Party 2 consisting of Ricky, Tyrone, Erik, and Ravanal travel to Sawbones Mill, which was turned into a racketeering outpost by a group of Nomads led by the Liyečnik sisters, Theia and Yulia. Before going to the Mill party bought an absurd amount of ammunition and weaponry from Tajsun's underground.

While traveling party was trapped in a dream sequence where each faced down their worst fears and where Tyrone was greeted by Azeroth himself. After freeing themselves the party made it to Sawbones Mill where the Nomads tried to swindle the party out of their magic items. However this didn't work and Ricky with his sense of "Justice", began to execute the nomads along with Erik and Tyrone. Sato briefly appeared to claim the bounties of the sisters but Erik managed to convince him to take the dead body of Kaitie Lawbreaker (who was trapped by the Nomads earlier before party arrived). After the Chaos party walked away with a large amount of looted gold and supplies, however, Tyrone and Erik would soon learn that the gold is the anchor for two ghosts that have bound themselves too Erik and Tyrone.

Noteworthy Postgame Events