October 16, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Craig Brown
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)


WANTD- peepol to mak the hoodlums go away. se hod at the bar.

Plot Synopsis

The bar nearest the posting was the Spectral Meteor, and Hod sat there at the end of the bar with a mug in his hand to wait upon whomever should respond to his post.

The players sought him out, one by one, and accepted his direction. Hod led them north out of Rougtero to a small town about 60 mets away, called Fordshire. The buildings are small and a bit run down, but there is a large inn under construction there, and it seems that most of the townsfolk are involved in some way.

Hod led the group to the town hall. There, Hod handed them off to a governmental functionary, who explained that some hoodlums had been loitering around the family crypts of the town Mayor, and they were causing damage and distress by there presence there. The man offered 200sp to each member of the group if they could get rid of the hoodlums.

The party traveled west out of town, and came upon the small family cemetery. Within the 50' x 50' fence, there were about thirty teenagers involved in various activities, including a pair who were sitting upon the mausoleum. Dom approached first, and inquired of the group leader. A large-ish boy in the back stepped forward.

After a moment of conversation that would have obviously proved fruitless, Dom grabbed leader-boy by the lapels and took him 120' straight up for a little privacy. The rest of the kids gathered to gawk. The rest of the party gathered and took strategic positions.

A couple of the party members noticed that there were a couple of kids in the group who had overcome the awe inspired by Dom and his brashness, and they were planning something. There was a whip crack, a few startled yelps, and the area became Murky.

Halima called upon the authority granted by Osiris to command the group to sit on their hands. All on the ground complied.

Dom noticed, and took the leader on a quick trip down to the road, and then back to the mausoleum, where he let go and collided with a tombstone. That's when a few of the kids opted to add motion to their sitting posture, and scoot away.

Most escaped, but a few were gathered and given a short but powerful lecture on personal and civil responsibility, and were then set on their way. The party returned to the town hall to retrieve their promised payment.

Before the receipts could be signed to acknowledge their payment, there was a scream from the second floor. The party rushed upstairs to investigate. A small office was pointed out as the source, and the party quickly forced through the locked door to save the poor soul within. Unfortunately, they were too late. They found a single man dead at his office desk, his own dagger through his left eye. There were no windows, no other exits. Only a desk, a few book shelves, and the scent of burning paper and wood.

The ledger in which the man had been working had, in fact, been burned partially. The right-hand page of the book had been written on, but the words had burned through the page the pages after, through the back cover, and etched the desk itself. No reason could yet be determined. Then they read the words.

the words were a given prophecy of doom and evil. ( see post to the players mailing list. ) Copies of the inscription were made and distributed to many sages and learned men in the area to determine its meaning. The party too possession of the original to take to the Wizzard's Guild in Centralia. In the meantime, the mayor sent for Brother Meris, a priest of Anubis who lived in the next town and provided aid to the residents of Fordshire when needed.

Upon his arrival, he went straight to the town hall and investigated the scene with his spells and skills in observation. The conclusion he reached was the same as that by the party: the young accountant had written the words in his book, been driven mad by the visions, and had stabbed himself. Further copies of the inscription were given to Meris for distribution to his friends and compatriots.

The party returned home, paid for their time, but determined to learn more about these odd events.

Noteworthy Postgame Events