January 30, 2021

Game Master
Ricky Lawbringer
Kygar Whirlwind


TotNK session 1 (group 2)

Plot Synopsis

(See Eric Liu adventurer write up)

The second group (Crow, Kyger, Tesco, Ricky, Sato) that headed off from the church made it back to the Green Hill Keep, Kygar attempted to lift the portcullis but was unable to until the new party member (Tyrone) aided him by flipping the chain and pulley system. The group then proceeded to assail the keep after nearly being shot at by bandits. Once inside (after Kygar decided to batter down the main door) a massive brawl occurred in one of the rooms, that same room held the second party member to join (the mysterious Ravanal). After some clever use of lantern fuel and fire, the party defeated the bandits to find the Oracle tied up.

Before they could free him they encountered the strange and insane Puppet Meister who told them that they were in the way of the demon king Azeroth's plan to conquer Narhule. The Meister then sent two creatures to the party, a mistling and a snapjack. After dispatching the two creatures (and the Meister making his escape) the party learned that Djin-Serai had been attacked by Azeroth's army from the Oracle who had allowed them to stay for the night. Also Tyrone made two deals with Grimothy, he now has a jug of neverending lantern oil and got rid of a mark left by the Meister.

Noteworthy Postgame Events