February 20, 2021

Game Master
Eric Liu
Steven Berns
Kygar Whirlwind
Tesco Samson
Ricky Lawbringer


TotNK Session 4

Plot Synopsis

The Siege of Tajsun begins in full force, Azeroth’s demonic army marches to surround the city. Our intrepid adventurers join together at the main southern gate to face off against the incoming horde. They meet Sybil Dævian, the commander of the artillerymen on the wall. Bear traps are laid in front of the walls. An initial bombardment of white phosphorus decimates the charging army, but leaves the battlefield clouded with smoke and fog.

Ricky and Steven join with Gil to lead a squadron of Mishrites on horseback, Kygar charges into battle with Tajsun’s pikeman guard. Ravanal brings an order of robed clerics swinging incense censors to the battle, while Tyrone leads a cavalry of horseback archers. Tesco Samson stays as a last defense with a wall of Tajsun archers.

A chaotic battle ensues, with heavy losses on both sides. Chaos breaks out within the walls of the city as hundreds of Vine Blight monsters begin climbing up the wall, ripping apart civilians and tearing Sybil Dævian limb from limb.

Fuego Berns appears on the battlefield, riding atop an infernal scorpion, leading a small troop of fire mages, seeking revenge on his brother Steven, who abandoned him a week ago in Djin-Serai.

After Fue kills Smokey, Ricky makes a dark deal to become a vampire, purging him of his divine priesthood, and transforming him. He charges ahead to kill Fue with an inhuman bloodlust. Kygar receives the blessings of the Dawn as his hammer becomes empowered with divine light.

The demonic generals begin calling for a retreat as the tide turns, and Fue is killed by Ricky. Steven drags Fue’s charred corpse back to Tajsun to get it resurrected so he can burn him alive.

Festivities ensue as the heroes successfully beat back the enemy, however, Steven and Tesco are both drugged when handed mugs of ale, as they fall, paralyzed, to the ground. Tesco remains conscious to see bandits wearing the symbol of the Silhouettes dragging him down into the Piso.

Noteworthy Postgame Events