February 06, 2021

Game Master
Eric Liu
Erik Abbond
Shara Cohn
Steven Berns
Kyger Whirlwind
Tesco Samson
Ricky Lawbringer


TotNK Session 2

Plot Synopsis

The two parties met back up at the Five-Legged Osser Tavern, had a brief discussion about "the demon king", when Aelynn (the half-elf twink) approached us with information on Azeroth, the Nightmare King, telling the party that Azeroth can be found up in the large black castle on Agshdof, the volcano, pretty hard to miss. His forces have been trying to take the city of Tajsun, focused on breaching Tajsun's walls. Meanwhile, one of the nomads sitting in the back table gestures for Tesco Samson to come over. She offered to sell him some wares, and told him to go to the alley out back to view the wares so the bartender does not get suspicious. Sato sulks around the corner to listen in. Tesco gets his fortune told by a female nomad, she casts a single bone for free (she saw a “Dark figure on a balcony looking down at the desolate land beneath his feet”), and offers to tell more oracles for coin.

Steven, Ricky, and Shara ride on Smokey to Saint Rana Church to turn in the haunted house quest. Father Grysam tells that the winery to the east of town might have a cart for us to use.

Kygar, Erik, Ravenal, and Tyrone went to Grimothy's to purchase more goods. Having a bit of banter, Ravenal attempted to get hired by Grimothy (only to be told that any new hires would start at minimum wage), our local sociopath, Erik, had the most concerning shopping list of all time, including Vlapberries (the Cahyali equivalent of bananas). Getting directly to the point, Grimothy made a deal with Erik, who sold both of his sisters in order to have bigger explosions. Kygar bought a couple of Raz-Beri’s Berry Tonics for healing down the line. Tyrone had an extreme shopping list. Ravenal requested three mermaid souls, to which Grimothy responded that he had half of a mermaid soul for sale. Ricky shot the ceiling in order to get everyone’s attention, and unfortunately forgot what he was going to ask Grimothy to purchase.

At the vineyard, we see many vine creatures attacking the outside of the winery. A dozen of these creatures were annihilated by Steven as he fireballs them, which sets the vineyard and the roof of the winery on fire. Tyrone heads around the house and finds even more blights on the opposite side of the house, calling everyone to attention. After clearing away the monsters, they talk to the vinery owner, who asks them to deliver a couple of barrels of wine to the Golden Dawn Tavern in Tajson in return for our usage of the wagon. Bringing the entire shipment without incident garners a bonus.

Ricky and Tesco hunt Himblehops (the Cahyali equivalent of a rabbit) for dinner and pelts, while Erik and Steven perform a “science experiment.”

The next day, on the road, a large white raven was shot by Ricky Lawbringer. It disappeared when shot and a funeral toll immediately began originating from the castle on the volcano. A little while later, a horrific smell begins to filter through the air. Father Grysam immediately yells at the party to speed up as fast as we possibly can. Something smashes into the cart from above the canvas melts away with the putrid smell of acid. A squad of 3 Cacodemons begin attacking, closely followed by three more from the opposite side. The party managed to kill them, and ended the session arriving at the Nahrūli Plains Crossroads.

Noteworthy Postgame Events