January 23, 2021

Game Master
Eric Liu
Ricky Lawbringer
Nova Granin
Fue Berns
Steven Berns
Erik Abbond
Kyger Whirlwind
Tesco Samson


TotNK Session 0

Plot Synopsis

About 6 months after the threat of Kali, a vengeful nature spirit who attempted to take over all of Cahyali, Heifa Berns, CEO of Berns Inc. Limited, and upcoming political nominee, was hosting the Stockholders Benefit at the Berns Center in downtown Ley’Ork Spire. There, Heifa unveiled new plans to Berns Tower, the replacement for the Spire that was destroyed half a year ago, which included safety precautions such as improvements on Structural Integrity by Prof. Granin, and a Automated Weapons Defense System by Dr. Abbond. Chaos broke out that the benefit as 3 attempts to assassinate Heifa occurred in a simultaneous frenzy, as well as a shootout, killing all of the shareholders and Mr. and Mrs. Berns. The Berns Center was burned to the ground, countless lives and millions in property value reduced to a pile of ash. Our nine adventurers, including two arsonists, two assassins, two bodyguards, a professor, a weapons expert, and an accountant, were divinely transported out of the chaos to a dark overcast road - Madzulo Road, deep in the Madzulo Woods of Southeastern Nahrūl. Journeying northwards towards the Village of Djin-Serai, they discovered a mass grave of burnt and charred bodies, and continued north to find a small defaced hidden shrine, which was promptly destroyed by our accountant, Tesco Samson. Before long, the group found their way to the village, and rescued a starving dog from behind a portcullis at the keep, and then went shopping at Grimothy’s Wares and Peculiarities. Some of them sold various intrinsic aspects of themselves, as part of a contract with Grimothy, the Deals Warlock.
They then went to the church, where a few misguided decisions brought upon the wrath of a swarm of about 200,000 bonebats. After securing themselves in the church, they met Father Grysam and his daughter Sonya, who told the group that the Oracle of Djin-Serai, Yazdel Nahrūli, has not been heard from for a time, and that the dog they rescued was the Oracle’s, who is named Rufus. A group of four: Crow, Ricky, Kyger, and Tesco, decided to head back towards the Keep to find the Oracle, while the rest (Nova, Fue, Steven, Sato, and Erik) were intent on journeying to Tajsun, a walled city to the north, but not before Father Grysam asked them to potentially help out around town.

Noteworthy Postgame Events