October 16, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Amorphous Bob (T'orite trap detector, extraordinaire!)
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Tyndracha Navarre (Aerodrako auger/inventor extraordinaire. Dangerous only when bored.)
Fred (He hates everything!)
Alyssa - a cute 15 year old girl


Adventures needed to recover a magical item. Possibility of high danger, potential for high reward. Meet Alyssa at the stopover inn at dusk.

Plot Synopsis

Siilex, having worked with Alyssa before, immediately begin plotting with Tyn and Gideon to back stab Alyssa as soon as convenient. They show up to the inn about a half hour before dusk. They meet Alyssa who is very excited to see them. The rest of the party shows up at various times before sunset.

Alyssa explains that she wants them to help her steal an medallion from a fort on another world. She doesn't know too much about the area other than how to get there and that island is a holding area for a group. She offers them anything else on the island, provided she gets the medallion.

The party agrees to the terms and they set off. They travel through a circuitous route of portals and hubs until they reach a beach with two rows of portals facing each other. The group heads through a portal that does not have a partner. They step out onto a yacht. The party sails for about three days until they approach the island.

They approach the island, Tyn gets small and flies ahead to investigate. She finds six men on the roof of the building and several others training with weapons on the grounds. She gets a basic layout of the buildings. While exploring, she notices many of the men are wearing Anhks. She returns to the party.

Unsure if Ra is alive on this world, the party tries to come up with an alternate plan. They eventually come up with a plan involving Shadow Mounts. As they prepare to attack Gideon causes his mount to rapidly submerge underwater. Fred then proceeds to immobilize Alyssa and grapple her. Shortly there after, she vanishes.

Chaos ensues as the party is not entirely sure what happened and do not want to risk running across Alyssa if they return to the boat. The party scatters at high speed. Siilex, attempting to be a nice guy, writes a message saying the fortress is about to be attacked and drops it onto the island. The alarm is raised.

Gideon arrives at a similar plan a little while later. He and Fred approach the island submerged. Fred is let off about 100 feet from the island and Gideon continues. Misinterpreting Gideon's sneaking around for the emminent attack, Gideon is hit with a Sun Strike, causing 9 of his magical items to be destroyed, one exploding. He is then fireballed. Rather hurt by this greeting (figurativly and literaly) he runs away. Fred is hit with a fire ball as he retreats as well.

The party regroups and retreats. Finding a small island they rest for a few days. Kulov claims the island and plants his flag. He then proceeds to write out a poorly forged deed to the island. Siilex places a 10lb rock marked with Kulov's name along with the flag. Kulov is not amused.

After alot of irrelivant scheming, the party heads back to the portal to get them home. An uneventful trip later they arrive back at the portal farm.

Gideon and Siilex promptly get disquises. Tyn descides to take a vacation out of the area. Bob, Fred, and Kulov go about their regular activities.

Experience: 2500
Payment: Kulov "owns" an island, the rest got nothing

Post garm noteworthy events:

There is a rumor circulating around Rougtero and Centralia that Siilex Alois was killed recently in a magic item explosion off world.

Noteworthy Postgame Events