September 25, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)
Tyndracha Navarre (Aerodrako auger/inventor extraordinaire. Dangerous only when bored.)


Selina hires, well sorta

Plot Synopsis

Selina decides to take some people through a portal she found off world a few years ago. The first problem they come across is the first portal they must take is in a building that is under guard. The people that own it aren't too friendly about letting random people through. Well, after much endwarfing, they decide to ride Tyn though an air vent and subsequently through the portal. As soon as they start through the threshold Gideon hears a female voice say "someone has just entered the portal." Once on the other side Tyn takes evasive action. Several guards come though and look around, but can't see much due to the horrendous weather. After flying for a few minutes Tyn decides that this weather is just too bad to fly in (with much agreement from her passengers). After some discussion they decided that the voice was probably a water tongue set up to warn the guards if something happens. They also decide to head for the forest, because finding a portal in this weather will be nearly impossible.

Once to the forest they spend the night in two basket trees. The tree containing Selina, Gideon, and Kulov is approached by something in the forest. Selina and Kulov are unable to track what is making the noises and give up. The much swifter and perceptive Gideon is able to see the naturally camouflaged person. He decides it must be one of the locals and decides to ignore it/them for the rest of the night.

Come morning they discuss the night's events and then decide to find the portal in the sky before the weather turns bad again. After a little bit of looking they find the portal. The three humanoids go through with no problem. Tyn gets small and proceeds through as well. Once on the other side they find that they are in a hole in the ground which appears to be in a cave. After much lifting and such they make it to the tunnel above. They proceed down the tunnel to a door. It looks much like a regular door, except no one can open it. Tyn, being small, tries to work the lock from the inside. At this point both she and Gideon realize that is if someone's idea of a bad joke (false door). After more searching of the tunnel they found a hidden (camo-)door in the ceiling. Tyn decides to get big so that she can try and push it open. Realizing that it is bared (as per a stone bar, not the spell) Selina decides to will it away, which doesn't work so goes about casting, which works. Unfortunately, this two foot hole is not big enough for Tyn so she is left behind, unsupervised. The other three come across an elevator which is run by weights. After some confusion they figure it out and head to the surface.

Once they are out of the surface they find they are on an island and there is a small house boat out in the water. They also notice a few other islands, one of which is floating in the air. Gideon shouts out to the boat and they actually get a response. An old man comes out and flies over to the island. He introduces himself as Michaelis and inquires as to why they are on his island. After much discussion and floundering (thanks to Selina) they find out that Michaelis and some of his associates use to set up and explore these portals and Michaelis finds out that they don't have any idea what they are doing. After sometime another (younger) man flies over from another portal and stands next to Michaelis. After even more discussion they make a few deals and Michaelis escorts them back down to the portal in the hole. He gets to met Tyn (and all the contraptions she had constructed in his tunnel, some of which actually work) and talks to her while Selina fixes the door she "broke." After some last minutes discussions (and tripping over Tyn set traps) the party headed back to the first portal to plot out Michaelis' mission for them They get back to Jaern using the same method mentioned previously.

Noteworthy events: Kulov didn't die and Tyn makes tons of stuff.

Experience: Varied

Noteworthy Postgame Events