October 31, 2020

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Lavare (The Cursed Air Microdragon)
Nys-With-Violet-Eyes (Human Mimic (Changeling))
Julie (Dwarf, 5' 4)


You are walking through town when you notice a house that you never noticed before and its door is slightly open.

Plot Synopsis

Julie enters from Gaya around 3pm
Maya (Nys) Centralia early afternoon
Lavare is Uzumi in Ageron at noon
Tipi is in Koth just before dinner

Lavare investigates by looking through the slightly frosted window and barely makes out the title of one book “Of Demons and Summoning”. He flies up to the knocker and then enters after saying Hello.
Tipi also approaches the door and goes in after opening a scroll that makes a floating ball of light.
Maya is attracted by the books she sees through the window and goes in after activating a light source.
Julie pauses and goes in after pushing open the door.

When they each enter the room is dark and the light sources go out there no doors. Each person is alone in the room. Julie throws a fireball at herself when trying to figure out the size of the room but it is only 6x6. There is writing that appears in the air which asks “who are you?” which Julie is the only one to answer honestly. The others take some damage not trying to say who they are. Tipi then gives his actual name. Lavare also gives his name. Maya holds out until she starts taking damage and she still hesitates. The house changes the colors trying to make her feel more comfortable and eventually the house opens a door just slightly and Maya comes through after spending 12 hours in the vestibule. Each person appears only seconds after the previous despite the different times and locations they entered from.

Julie after entering casts a warding (STAY) 3d6 power to enter the house through the door. The spell goes up just after Maya comes through.
Julie says hello to the others and introduces herself to Maya who replies. They chat. Julie is contemplative about Tipi saying she was in Koth when he entered and then finds out the others also came from other places.

They decide to go into the library since it is to the left of the entrance. Lavare picks out a book and starts to flip through it and it disappears after a few pages. He gets another book and after looking at it he noticed first book was back in its place. Julie grabs a book and starts to head out when the book disappeared but since she was going to the Study she sees the book is in one of the cubbies that are in the room. She tells the others then walks in and picks up the book and a sees a smoking jacket that appeared. When she goes to put on the jacket her armor disappears. Lavare grabs his first choice of book and then goes across to the Study. Maya goes and is disturbed by her name showing up on the cubby with her book and notices there are 3 other names on cubby holes that don’t belong to party members.

They start reading and some tea shows up with scones next to their seats. Julie finishes her book and takes off the jacket and notices when her armor pops back on that it had been missing and she had been naked as she wears no cloths under her armor. Lavare finishes looking through his book and puts it on the cubby shelf and it disappears back to the library. He looks at a book of elemental air creatures. Maya reads about Astral creatures and specifically about Displacer beasts and their care.

Tipi then decides to move on with things. Julie goes on down the hall and finds a bathroom and dining room through the next 2 doors. At the end of the hall is a kitchen and through that a greenhouse with dead plants in it.
They then go upstairs and Julie pulls down a stairway to the attic where she finds a large Demon brushing a dolls hair. She goes back down closing the stairs and telling the others.

They explore an empty room on the second, a child’s bedroom and when they get to a master bedroom they are attacked by a spider that shoots webbing at Lavare and pulls the door shut. They open the door again and go in and start fighting with the spider. Some small spiders also come out from the webbing in the room and try to eat Maya. Tipi turned into a sheep to escape some webbing she was caught in. After some combat it and other little spiders die. They go back upstairs to the attic and the demon seems to ignore them. They go back downstairs and finally find out the front door does not open.

They then head to the basement through the pantry which they had not seen before. They check it out and find a summoning circle on the floor. Levare finds the circle is separate from the floor itself. Julie opens up the floor finding a well and then when looking in disappears. Then Levare also disappears when he flies over the edge of the well. Maya is left with Tipi the sheep. Maya not sure what to do goes back and finds out that one of the names is missing from a cubby in the reading room and Levare and Julie’s names are now in gold. She goes upstairs to talk to the demon and finds out the doll is alive when it looks at her and the demon turns its head toward her as she is talking. She has a conversation with the doll through the demon writing things down. She gets the impression the doll is stuck and wants to leave. Eventually Maya decides to grab the doll and run to the basement. The demon follows running after her. She throws the doll over hole it disappears. The sound of the demon crashing after her then stops. Maya goes upstairs and finds the homeowner unconscious on the floor. He is not sure what had happened only that something must have gone wrong. Maya does a little explanation and tells about the adventurers that had disappeared through the summoning circle. He goes to the reading room and finds the names of the missing and they pull them back using the book Lavare had seen originally. Julie grabs one of the smoking jackets and they all leave. They return to Jaern but not from where they had entered the house. Julie gives a scroll to Maya so that she may summon her later.

Noteworthy Postgame Events