October 09, 2004

Game Master
Loren Ver
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)
Tyndracha Navarre (Aerodrako auger/inventor extraordinaire. Dangerous only when bored.)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Burnhard Brimstone (Priestess of Anubis, Field Mortician out of Rougtero)
Ar - "Aris"
Ea - "Earjen"


Selina hires again.

Plot Synopsis

Things seem to start off pretty well, at least for a Selina mission. The group meets and she explains the situation, starting from the middle and leaving out many important details. Everyone has had some previous contact with Aris except for Burnhard. They give him a basic description and move on with the planning. After much planning and arguing they head off to the portal farm and then to Centralia. Once there, Selina takes a gander at the apartment where Aris use to be residing (before a previous robbery and kidnapping of her brother). There appears to be someone home so Selina then rejoins the group. They all) decide to go to a bar and wait (minus the now large Tyn). Most of the party gets bored and starts to do other things. They decided to meet back up in the evening.

Later that evening, they again go over the plan of attack and the necessary people are convinced to perform their required functions. At this point Tyn is made small, along with Selina's "stuffed teddy bear of death and happy childhood memories." The rest of the party takes up a position 52 feet away from where Tyn will active the item. She does and the party rushes the apartment building. The outside door is lock so Tanis smashes it in. They then rush up the stairs and break into the correct apartment. Once there they find a regular looking guy sitting on the floor with his eyes closed looking content. The party decides this is probably not Aris (a tall good looking female). They then decided to wait and attack her when she comes back. Tanis attempts to poison the random guy, which does not work. He then (with the help of Burnhard) drags him into the bathroom. Tanis does his thing, with no one watching and finds out that this guy was just paid to sit around in here to see who shows up.

At this point Tyn informs the party that there are some guards approaching and some residents running out of the building. Everyone immediately begins to scatter. After finding different escape routes they then meet up at their original meeting place. They are now at a bit of a loss. Burnhard and Tyn decide to try their luck. They wander around Centralia, as well as the portal farm. They do eventually find a group that meets the basic description of who they are looking for. They follow two of them to the CMG. When they leave Burnhard gives Tyn a unique substance with which to find her later, and she goes off to follow them around Centralia. Burnhard then goes to inform the group, meeting Tanis on the way. A few minutes later, Burnhard realizes just how stupid a spell Find is given its one HOUR casting time.

After much wandering and staking out portals they eventually find the group (Tyn is not with them, she had to leave due to her spell binging) and follow them back to the portal farm. Most of the party tries to follow them quietly (not looking like themselves) except for Tanis who approaches them. His business offer to them gets rejected several times but he continues to harass them. Finally, Gideon (looking like a T'orite) attempts to help keep the peace. The group they are trying to capture then begins to leave. Tanis decides they have been rude and throws a clay pot (from a Rudri temple) at them. A "Muck" appears and the fight for survival begins. All of the enemy party makes it out (eventually) and leaves. Tanis stops to help the guards and other people out. Gideon and Selina (looking like an elf / T'orite wannabe) pursue them. Many spells go off before they get back into Centralia. Selina attempts to tackle Aris a number of times, only to catch the ground. She is eventually grappled by a goon. The goon is then lifted to 240 feet and dropped. He survives. For his efforts he gets lightening bolted in the back. Gideon stops pursuing to pay the fees and gather information.

Burnhard decides to cut his losses and head out (more important (and less stupid) things to do). Tanis continues with damage control around the portal. Later the remaining group members meets up with Tyn. They decide the mission is a wash and head their separate ways, maybe to try again another time (once they have more information and a plan that might work).

Noteworthy events…well the party wasn't decimated

Eeps 2500 for going
2800 for staying

Noteworthy Postgame Events