February 21, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Jennifer (If it's a mutate that is worth having, then I have it or can do it.)


Adventurers needed to stop a menace that is terrorizing several islands and a shipping lane. Ocean travel required.

Plot Synopsis

A few of the adventurers show up early, one of which is Jacob. The some of the crew recognizes him as one of the problems from their last attempt. Jacob isn't allowed to board, but as he is walking away he is whacked and grabbed. The rest of the party gets to meet Shultz and he explains the problem to them in greater detail. Apparently, there is something, assumed a large creature, causing problems in a shipping lane. Their job is to find out what it is and stop it. They agree to this as well as the pay and get underway. Meanwhile, Jacob, who is very sad because some rather unfriendly people are "convincing" him to "assist" with this mission, is in the hold and becomes aware that the ship is moving. Jacob decides agreeing is in his best interest, especially if he ever wants to get out of the room alive, or ever get his stuff back. After this he joins the rest of the party on deck, notably less adorned than usual. By this point Jennifer has taken to the sunning herself on the deck, which gathers the attention of some of the party and crew.

After several days of sail they reach the shipping lane, which has several ships stopped in it apparently fishing, being this is where a rather profitable (and tasty) fish has turned up. Gideon begins asking the other ships (through a flagging mediator) if they have heard or seen anything strange while Jennifer, Jacob, and Jacobs escort (a rather attractive female lizard) take to the water. Gideon doesn't get much detail from the ships, except for one, which he pays 50silver to. They tell him that a large creature has been swooping down from the sky and attacking the ships.

While in the water Jennifer, Jacob, and company find the remains of a recently sunken ship. They take note of its location, problems, and any clues that can be found there. After some more exploring they decide to head back to their ship.

Dom decides to ask around the nearby islands, which had reported recent attacks, keeping an eye open to the sky for possible attack. After scaring many people with his approach and landing he finally gets some information about who to talk to. He finds himself talking to a fisherman in a small temple of Isis. He gathers much information there and also gets caught in some rather apparent fish stories.

Eventually, the party reassembles on the ship. Dom believes that the flying attacker was just a hoax so the party again turns its attention back to the water.

While moving to a new location Dom gets a whiff of land and dying sea grass, though there isn't any of that near their location. So they set sail in the direction of the smell. Jennifer takes to the water off the back of the ship and Jacob, with his escort off the front. After some sailing, what appears to be a portal is seen hanging just above the water line. At this point Jennifer notices a large creature approaching and casts hot and cold to form an ice ball around it. It then bobs to the surface. After using it to mess with Jacob she teleports herself and it back to her place for later use. The party decides to go through the portal. Gideon feels rather left out as the party begins flying away from him. So he decides to show them and casts a shadow areodraco. On the other side of the portal they find a rather nasty and very long beach with dying sea grass on it. They also notice a small flying lizard. It is caught and placed in Gideon's bag. Jacob feels a spell go off on him and resists, then decides it would be a good time to leave so he otherports to his happy place After some investigating they decide that the tide on that world must come up high enough to allow creatures on that world to come through the portal onto Jaern. Jacob later reappears and beings to plot, then decides it's not worth the effort.

The party then returns to the ship and informs Shultz of their discovery. He decides that is good enough for him and it's not his responsibility to shutdown the portal. They begin to make their journey back to Rougterro, after Jennifer and Jacob make an attempt to salvage the very beat up ship they had discovered, to no avail. During this time the hibernate runs out on the flying lizard and it begins to freak out and punch holes in Gideon's bag. Not knowing what to do he lets it go.

Once back to Rougterro the party is paid and they go about their business, except for Jacob. For all the trouble he had caused on the last mission Shultz takes one of his items and returns the rest to him with a warning.

Noteworthy Postgame Events