June 26, 2020

Game Master
Benjamin Mirvish
Sten (I like cheese! Want a hat?)


Greetings Jearnians. I wish to offer you the opportunity to loot cool stuff from the cooling corpses of a bunch of arrogant and sadistic creatures. If you seek to participate in this operation head to the Jearnian portal farms, then stand next to portal 87, I will handle transportation from there. Impress me well, and I may have more missions in the future. Belesarius Lavare, 1st Eldest, Kir of Aster, etc.

Plot Synopsis

Party was teleported from the portal farm to an asteroid on another plane. There they met Belesarius, who filled them in on exactly what their mission was. Sten inquired more as to what they were to be fighting and Belesarius elaborated, explaining the nature of the Dark Eldar as slavers and torturers, and his desire to have the party hunt down a few raiding gangs of them, with their equipment serving as loot. Belesarius then opened a portal to a village on a planet that had been recently raided, and party set out. They first investigated the village, finding very little aside from the bodies of a few town guardsmen, and the destroyed remains of some houses. Party was then able to pick up the trail of the raiders and followed them back to their source. However, due to the unsubtle nature of the duo crashing through the forest, they found themselves the victims of an ambush by their very quarry. Despite being greatly wounded in the opening salvo, Sten remained ready for battle, while Hua, who had been captured with a net, provided psionic support, the Dark Eldar not having realized that he could still fight even while immobile. This would prove to be their undoing, as many of them found themselves smashed to paste by a mass punch, destroying both them and their equipment, with only a few items remaining from their supply. Sten finished off their leader, and took her blade for his own use. Continuing onwards, party managed to remain silent enough to locate the source of the Dark Eldar Raids, hidden behind an illusion. Deciding to not pass through, Sten instead stuck his arm inside and flipped the guards off, drawing them out into a fight. Unbeknownst to the guards, Hua had put up an inertial barrier, rendering all but one of their weapons useless. This final weapon would soon be taken out of action by a control body, while Sten blasted away at the guards with lightning bolts from safety. With a combination of Sten's swordsmanship and the controlled commander, they perfectly defeated all the Dark Eldar, with Hua holding the body controlled commander steady so that Sten could lop off his head. This equipment was left much more intact, leading to the following pile of loot, which was divvied up between the two, after Belesarius provided them with a lift back home.

3 Plasma Grenades, 1 Haywire Grenade, 2 Vials of Adrenaline, 2 Vials of Painbringer, 2 Vials of Grave Lotus, 1 Wytch Sword (Refitted by Belesarius), 1 Splinter Pistol, 1 Shardnet, 5 Suits of Dark Eldar Armor, 4 Splinter Rifles, and 1 Dark Eldar Blaster

Noteworthy Postgame Events