February 16, 2020

Game Master
Benjamin Mirvish
The Vine (Rudrio The Vine Sanchez is a luchador. A grappler with a strong sense of morality, The Vine will always lend a hand.)
Hydan (A Priest of Alamar in search of redemption in the eyes of his god. (Anything to further the cause))


A breeding pair of monster snakes have moved into our area, we want them gone.

Plot Synopsis

The party set out from the village into the nearby rainforest, where they set a bait and attracted the first of the two monsters. A lucky chaos role nearly resulted in a kill steal by a cult of cats seeking endless fish, but party successfully diplomacies their way into having the cats take the kill for their ritual, then the party would get the used-up corpse. The ritual failed and nearly boosted the other monster instead. Soon after, party found and killed the other monster.

Noteworthy Postgame Events