February 01, 2020

Game Master
Eric Liu


Site 12

Plot Synopsis


The researchers in the Armory say that Objects 004 through 007 seem to work decently as well as they planned. I’ve heard positive reports on Object 004, but it seems that the other items may require more field testing. Lieutenant Ramson apparently has tomorrow off, which should do that man some good.

The power issues have been resolved so good job with that. Flipping a few switches wasn’t so hard, now was it?

The Archivist says you managed to find a lead on another Richter book while you were wandering through Maintenance, so I will assume you will be back to finish that up. All in all, not a half-bad job.

I heard Head Commander Phyre made a visit to the facility. I trust you haven’t embarrassed yourselves too much, or more importantly, made me look bad.

Your standard LAS Site 12 Personnel pay is included, as well as security clearance level 2, which will allow you to access some of the more dangerous levels of Site 12. Now that you aren’t completely useless.

Commander E. Atherton


Noteworthy Postgame Events