January 25, 2020

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Patrick C Purciful
Mirthal (Evil Elf with secret plans (Hmm............'Evil Thoughts' ))
Brother Markus
Scruff McDuck
Jimmy Buffet


Retrieve My Drink Umbrella

Plot Synopsis

Party went to the store with Brother Markus, then got dropped on on the cruise ship "The Salty Surprise." From there, they uncovered a killer robot butler's plot to kill all of the passengers. They found out the ship also has a ghost cruise, and whenever people die on the ship their ghost/soul is simply a part of the ghost cruise now. They killed the robot and retrieved the drink umbrella, however at the cost of Jing's finger, and Rincewind's left hand. Finley joined late because Ian decided to sit in on our game after his ended. 2700 or maybe 2800 eeps. 500 for Finley. I think I forgot to give out silver, but if I didn't, it was probably around 3k

Noteworthy Postgame Events