September 07, 2019

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Mindra Vii (Creator of the Magic Mutate)


Harvesters wanted to gather “Blue”. Hiring in room 1a of the Centralia Guild of Wizzards at 1pm Centralia time.

Plot Synopsis

Mindra and Qrow show up and the hirer explains that there are some creatures in Kratal whose innards become a blue goo that he wants to obtain. He is willing to pay 6000 silver to have 12 barrels filled with this substance. After they agreed he escorts them over to the portal to the Alpha site and then trough portal LXIX. They then use Qrow’s surfboard to reach the capital city. There they meet up with Harry who is going to bring the barrels of fluid back after they get them filled. Qrow hooks his line to the mine cart that they would be using to travel to the location of the creatures. After 8 hours of riding the cart stops. They cross the river and find a barge with a cart and barrels. They put a barrel on the board and head east into the forest. After some time they come across a creature which attacks them. They manage to Witchy sleep it. Another one crashes through the forest into Mindra while also shooting acid at Qrow. A third one attacks but they also subdue it. They fill a barrel and they come up with a plan to get a herd of them to attack closer to the forest edge where the cart can reach. Qrow comes close to dying while Mindra becomes ethereal and witchy sleeps them over time. They then fill the barrels are given a note from Harry and they take that back to using the cart.

2800 eps and 3000 silver to each Mindra Vii and Qrow.

Noteworthy Postgame Events