December 27, 2019

Game Master
Benjamin Mirvish
Cyindir (Cinder) (Sacrifice everything for more power)


Adventurers needed to clean my house of undead. - Lady Valerie Roy

Plot Synopsis

Group was called out to the island of Koth for the hiring and met at a restaurant. Party were offered 5000 silver to clear out the hirer's recently purchased home and reactivate the ward complex in the basement. Finlye and Cynder showed up an hour late and met party as they were heading to the job site with the hirer, and were added to the group. Party then began to sweep the house of undead, finding many unusual species, most of which they killed, some of which they captured, and one of which they befriended. Among the many treasures they found in the mansion, they also found an elder vampire that had been imprisoned in the mansion since before the clan was run out of town. Before activating the final boss room, Finlye set up a trap in the room and left, killing 3 of the 4 final bosses before the fight even started. As a reward for finding her relative and finishing the job, Lady Valerie rewarded the party with the promised silver, and an additional magic item. Exp was 3000.

Noteworthy Postgame Events