September 11, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Krystal Tyler
Cronk (ya I can lift that)
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Amorphous Bob (T'orite trap detector, extraordinaire!)


Adventurous adventurers wanted to check out mysterious ruins on a newly-acquired island.

Plot Synopsis

A not-so-bright guy (Rajan) explains that he has acquired a small island that has ruins in the center that make him feel uneasy when he approaches. He wants the adventurers to check it out for him and report back as to what they find.

Upon their arrival, the group finds an entrance to the ruins, flanked by three winged serpents seemingly carved from the rock, and a warning written in Dwarvish that warns to not defile the throne of Grethor. Cronk, realizing that the serpents make better weapons than some random rock he found on the shore, tries to pry one from the entrance. He does so (breaking it in the process), and the group notices that the serpents appear to have become animated, their eyes glowing red and their bodies shifting slightly. The group decides to enter the ruins anyway, and come to three separate passageways. The group goes right first and enters the Happy-Fun Room of Random Earth spells. Amorphous Bob goes across (after Cronk attempts to fling Zoey across the room, with some success), relying on his danger sense. He becomes Suspended when it fails him. Cronk and Zoey get across first and continue down the path, entering a perfectly spherical room (30’ radius), where they are Halt-Timed.

When the rest of the party sees the blueness of the next room, they go back the other way. Down the left path, the remainders of the group come around a bend and see a giant pendulum, whereupon three of the four are Witchy-Sleeped. Selina drags the other three away from the pendulum and use creative ways to wake them up. They then abandon that path and take the center route. The first room is ovoid and lined with more shifty, winged serpents and random Pause-Times go off. Gideon discovers a way to avoid the Pause-Times and they enter the last room, which is lined with even more winged serpents. At the far end is a huge, stone, three-headed snake and what appears to be an altar in front of it. Siilex says hi in Dwarvish. As they turn to leave, one head of the huge snake turns to look at Siilex, and in his mind appear, “You have defiled my throne.” Selina immediately teleports to just outside the entrance, where she notices that the entrance has been blocked off. The remaining two stone snakes and a skeletal snake attack her. The others run for the door and also find it blocked. They are then attacked by some of the winged serpents. Hawke gets bitten and dies, where he is offered by a mysterious voice to “join me and live.” He agrees and runs away from Gideon and Siilex, the latter of which had erected a Masonry wall just moments before. Amidst the combat, something huge approaches the group and batters down the wall, releasing Hawke into the corridors. Selina enmasses and kicks in the stone blocking the door, sending Gideon and Siilex flying. They then invoke the “get the heck out of there” maneuver.

In the end, Hawke rejoins the group, Cronk and Zoey are offered to be released if they follow the speaker of the voice in their heads (which they do), and Amorphous Bob is offered the same but only keeps asking, “Who are you?” Cronk and Zoey return to Lojem on their own, and Amorphous Bob rejoins the rest of the group when he is mysteriously released from the Suspend Time. The adventurers are paid while a disgruntled Rajan looks on.

Notable events: Hawke ssssssslithered out of an interesssssting ssssituation….

Noteworthy Postgame Events