April 20, 2019

Game Start Date
Game Master
Michael Woods
Noh (Feral Girl)


Help needed inciting a rebellion.

Plot Synopsis

Things had not gone as poorly in the past month as Kari had feared they might. With the death of the heirless Emperor, a power vaccum appeared in which the military had begun to assert itself (in competition with Julius). No official word was put out about his death, with all visitors being told he was busy or to seek his relevant advisor instead. Rumor quickly began to spread among the vast majority of citizens, however, that the increased outspoken condemning of the Kin and suspicious activity were the fault of the military (true) and that they had "put Aurelius away" (false) in a grab for power, and schisms were beginning to form between the government and society. Everyone was throwing around some name or another as to who would have orchestrated as such; Belethor was mentioned surprisingly seldomly, with a mysterious "DuVois" being mentioned far more often. Some were starting to rally underground against the government, not wanting to be drafted into the army as has started happening rather recently; the nobles especially had been increasingly agitated, as harsher, more frequent military action means higher taxes asked of them in order to fund it. Some better-off families from the capital and surrounding cities had begun signing up in greater numbers to board colony ships to a previously-unexplored island (which an expedition to investigate "GG_EZ" found to be quite habitable, actually, but devoid of non-Lizards and therefore "perfectly empty").

The rumors had even reached near to Kari's forest, and she believed that given a nudge or three in the right direction, it might be possible to unite the people and bring about real change. Relaying this information to the party, the adventurers soon set out that night, with their plan being to stop through as many villages as possible on the way towards the capitol, rallying the cause the whole way, mostly through Kira's adequate musical entertainment but well-chosen theme of songs. Party soon had a fairly-sized gathering traveling with them, some following a day or so behind, and arrived in the capitol just shy of two in-game weeks.

While Kira performed by day and arranged for a large concert for the following morning, Iluuenis found connection with one of the "undercity" gangs, getting word out among the rogues and rebels of the city of the planned revolution and recruiting some help. By night, Noh and the assembled rogue crew led a raid on one of the guard barracks/supply houses, stealing torches and uniforms for themselves, then hiding sizable rocks under most all auditorium seats. Come the time for Kira's performance, the rogue crew waited in hiding with torch and uniform, having previously brought flammable timbers and hay closer towards the large auditorium. After several songs of increasingly revolutionary theme, soldiers began to storm the stage and the secret signal was given for the rogues to make themselves known, setting fire to the periphery of the auditorium before hiding yet again. This framed the incoming guards as being not just an assault on Kira, but on all who would support her.

It turned out, basically the whole crowd supported her, finding the rocks beneath their seats suitable projectiles to pelt the soldiers with before fleeing from the encroaching flames. The soldiers' weapons taken and distributed into the crowd, the rioting began in full. At least one regiment of guards approached to investigate the rising smoke and surrendered immediately to the numbers that had joined the riot. Over the next several hours, the city was engulfed with revolution, party leading the charge.

Finally, the main force of the revolution began to approach the castle. Kira teleported ahead of the group into a quite-familiar hallway, the one containing the castle portal and overlooking the city. There, she found the assembled government officials panicking at the rioting, not made any better by making herself known. Some tense words were had between a few of the military generals and Julius before he left, stating to them that "This was your doing, so I will have no part in this." Meanwhile, Kira continues to threaten the generals, Belethor specifically for how outspoken he is, before another shuts him up with simply a word. The man introduces himself as DuVois, maintaining his composure even as Kira pulls the emaciated former Emperor from her storage and gives him a sword. Putting the generals into a lose-lose situation, she tells DuVois to duel him. He could have refused, putting his position in a precarious place and jeopardizing the military's power. Instead, he chose to lose the other way: striking him down where he stood, stating "We need no emperor." And with that, Kira telepathically threw the Emperor's once-again-lifeless body from the hall out onto the mountainside where the approaching rioters could see, then teleported back to the revolution.

Julius was never found or apprehended, while all generals and other high-ranking government officials involved were imprisoned, stripped of all titles and possessions. Thus began the process of instituting a new, ideally more Kin-friendly government throughout the former Empire.

Noteworthy Postgame Events