April 06, 2019

Game Start Date
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Game Master
Michael Woods
Noh (Feral Girl)


Help needed relocating my people.

Plot Synopsis

In parallel to a posting from the Empire, "Help needed bringing a thief to justice," Kari had put up yet another posting to request aid for the Kin, but in the months since adventurers had previously lent her assistance, her strategy had shifted away from keeping the Empire at bay, and instead to finding a place where the Empire could not find them and they could survive in peace.

This was in part due to Fionna's friendship beam mentioned in the previous adventure writeup, which made her forest one of much intrigue to the Empire as they believed a powerful magic source or "fearsome foe" to be hidden there. However, it was also tied to the fact that Kari was the aforementioned thief, although party did not learn this until after the events of the mission. Indeed, she had decided to try and take it upon herself to protect her people, believing that just a bit more magical power would be sufficient to hold off most forces sent their way (thanks to the impression previous adventurers' exploits had had on her), and took a lengthy trek through desert territory and crossing mountains to reach the castle, making off with multiple tomes, sets of equipment. and crystals from Julius' supplies... though not without incident, almost being caught in her escape. Both these facts considered, when stronger forces were then sent her village's way as a result, and her ability was not enough to keep back these stronger foes, she spiraled into a deep regret.

However, this was not Kira's first time visiting this plane, having previously been there once before... Within the Empire's capital, directly within the castle. Additionally, that portal still remained open, and in a moment of "be right back," she decided it was time to assassinate Aurelius. Arriving in the castle, she managed to keep guards distracted long enough to find and slip into a servant's stairwell, which led to a small door in Aurelius' bedchambers. To Fiona's luck, he was still awake at this time of night, penning some letter or journal at his desk opposite where the servant's door led and not out-of-sight elsewhere in the room, so she memlocked the location and began her psionic assault. However, he was not one to fall easily, having a passive magical protection making resistance checks a die easier, and he survived the initial rounds of attacks, ringing a bell to summon guards into the room and retreating towards a hidden trapdoor.

Teleporting out to avoid dealing with the guards (and running low on psionic units), Kira returned to where Kari, Noh, and Hangman were waiting and asked for any and all crystals they had containing further PU (which the other party members quickly supplied). Rapidly formulating a plan, Kira used her memlock and a clairvoyance within a clairvoyance to gain sight beyond the trapdoor and teleported there, bringing Hangman along this time. This led to a downward stairwell, leading to a secluded room in the castle where Aurelius often came for healing and care, currently being tended to by four separate healers. Here, party's assault began anew, with Hangman using two charges of a magic item to fill the room with damaging dark haze, surprising and disorienting the Emperor and his servants, not having expected a continuation of the attack. All four healers fell dead in the following rounds, and while taking considerable damage, Aurelius fell to 1 DP, maintained consciousness, and finally found his way out of the room in the next turn before taking further damage.

Not hearing his body fall, party finally entered and sprinted through the room, finding another stairwell, this time moving upwards, in which they encountered Julius. He had been on his way to discuss the attack with Aurelius and determine what further defenses may be necessary, but at seeing him in the stairwell, had moved him to momentary safety and continued down to confront the assailants. What he hadn't expected was for them to be charging directly into him around the corner, however, and was shoved out of the way by party. He rate burned to cast a Retreat Time and buy himself a few moments before he would be run down, before sprinting back up the stairwell ahead of party. He began to cast a warding on the door at top of the stairs, but Kira simply short-ported past both him and the door before placing a single arrow into the unprepared Emperor's back. Julius rate burned again, but a single round was not quick enough for him to prevent the emperor's death, and party teleported out, taking the body with them.

Kira later had him revived and kept him prisoner. Meanwhile, Kari was aghast at what had happened, fearing the worst possible outcome for what would happen next.

Noteworthy Postgame Events