April 26, 2019

Game Master
Rosalio Ornelas
Mr. Pockets
Sir Rogers
Mirthal (Evil Elf with secret plans (Hmm............'Evil Thoughts' ))
Fwip [Mirror Sky] (Storms are beautiful.)


Restore life to Aynia and summon Itherades

Plot Synopsis

Conclusion of the campaign. Atkin, the Eternal Guardian of Aynia was too late the moment she arrived. Itherades arrived and then his memories promptly changed the planet. His mom reprimanded him, and they left in a flash of light. The party created a new, uncertain future. Mirthal knew he accomplished at least one thing, however - he gave the general populace of Aynia another chance to do right by themselves. The political situation is as it was a three millennia ago, the world teetering on the edge of complete war. Nevertheless, the horrors of the old world appear to be gone...


Mr. Rogers had aspects of his blight removed.
Mirthal, Mr. Pockets, and Tanya received a gift from Itherades (Now in a horribly weak body.)

Those who gave their lives fighting for Aynia (sometimes several times)

Mr Pockets - 5
Hanged Man - 1
The Vine - 1
Mercy - 3
Fenran - 1
Fionna - 2 (Big F)
Soren - 2 (Big F)
Link - 1
Kip - 2
Tanya - 1
Sir Rogers - 5

Noteworthy Postgame Events