September 25, 2004

Game Master
Bob Richey
Carl Liston (Lord Carl of Centralia)
Quaoar Ridgewood (Zhe likes to 'ack zings vis 'er big zord.)
Nu Maru
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)


People needed to help restore a true love. Meet Joohnathan at the stop over inn.

Plot Synopsis

Adventures show up around noon and are shown to a back room. A short ugly man in his early twenties meets them. He introduces himself as Johnathan. Immediately, Dom begins questioning as to what kind of idiot asks adventurers to help with love. Johnathan is irritated but tries to ignore him.

Johnathan explains that he needs help in getting Courtney, his true love, to accept her destiny. She has rejected all of his attemps so far and he knows that if they can just be alone, he can convincer her that they should be together. After some not too intense questioning, the party finds out that Courtney is married and living in Pragada and that Johnathan wants her kidnapped. He is willing to pay them each 400 sp for bringing her back to him unharmed.

The party agrees to the terms and heads to Terminal Three. Maru attempts to do her "Portal Dance" but is stopped by the gaurds watching the portals. The party immediately begins discussing plans to backstab Johnathan and take his stuff. Thompson, coincidentally in Terminal Three, over hears their plans and starts to follow along, eager to help. The group then goes to Centralia, Maru's Portal Dance again thwarted, and then to Pragada.

The party finds the appropriate house and begin to set up survallience. They find the best way to accomplish this is to sit down in the street and play Gin. Dom goes up to the door and a little girl answers, Dom asks to talk to her mother, who then comes to the door. She matches the desciption given to them. He proceeds to tell her that they were hired by Johnathan. She promptly tells him to leave.

Kuno writes a short, mostly incoherent, letter explaining the situation. A short while later, Kitt and Kuno go to the door. Kitt places a magical sword on the ground and leaves. When Courtney's husband answers the door, Thomspon, being invisible, attempts to throw him onto the sword. About this time, Kitt realizes he put the wrong sword on the ground. It is taken into the house. The party then sits in the street and plays cards, Maru attempts to find a tree to climb in. After while they get bored and go into town to a find a tavern, Kitt and Kuno remain behind. Dom reports Kuno to the Tor'ites as a "Suspicious character as they go out of the neighborhood.

Kuno is approached by the Tor'ites who tell him to leave town after asking him some questions. Kitt hides out in Courtney's backyard and has the idea to write flaming messages in the grass using kerosene. The idea, being poorly thought out, fails. Courtney's husband comes out and chase him away. Kitt later goes to the front door and is assassinated, resulting in a broken sword. The husband then proceeds to carve Kitt with the sword Kitt left on the door step. Kitt starts to run away, followed closely by the man. Eventually he gets in range and lightning bolts Kitt to death. Kitt attempts a miracle to save himself, but was appearently unsuccessful.

Meanwhile.... Kuno heads into Prall to meet Johnathan. He places Johnathan under arrest and is promptly fireballed by his "prisoner." After a very short combat, Kuno is dead.

Back in Pregada... most of the party is sitting in the bar when they hear a lightning bolt go off. The party quickly springs into action, except Maru who is trying to talk to a Lizard. Carl gets on his donkey and beings to trot toward the commotion. Carl comes across the corpse of Kitt, two Tor'ites and a man, who introduces himself as Micheal, are standing over the corpse. AFter a brief discussion, Carl finds out what happens and congratualates Micheal on a job well done. He then suggests that this was a distraction to get him away from his family. Micheal promptly returns home.

After talking with the Tor'ites, the party goes back to the house. Dom and Thompson make their way to the roof. Carl goes up to the front door and explains the situation to Micheal. However, as he is not overtly threatening Micheal's family, he hears him out. Carl tells him where to find Johnathan and suggests getting rid of him. Micheal thinks it over and then heads to Prall.

The rest of the party stands around for a while, then gets bored and goes back to the bar. Maru is still talking to a Lizard who is trying to get her completely wasted, not to much effect. They then sit around for quite awhile desciding what to do.

Meanwhile in Prall... Micheal, Carl, and Dom all head to Prall seperately and get to Johnathan's building. Micheal scopes the place out for awhile then tosses rocks to knock on the door. When Johnathan answers, he promptly gets a cross bow bolt through the heart. Micheal heads home as Carl loots the building. Dom arrives shortly thereafter and smells Kuno's dead body. They loot him as well.

Carl and Dom head back to Pragada. The suriviving members of the party are still at the bar when the two arrive. They inform the group what happened and pass out money. The party then mills around a bit confused as to whether they successfully completed a mission.

Experience - 2500
Payment - approximately 700sp.

Noteworthy Postgame Events