April 11, 2019

Game Master
Rosalio Ornelas
Mirthal (Evil Elf with secret plans (Hmm............'Evil Thoughts' ))
Fionna (What is Paroli?)
Saint Joseph


Interrupt Saint Joseph's ritual

Plot Synopsis

Dealing with a few brutal encounters early on, they were able to once again infiltrate the fortress - initiating combat with Saint Joseph. He relented as they convinced him mid-combat. He conceded that the ritual had already succeeded - the demi god soul of the bird had already been consumed to open a tiny hole in the maelstrom, large enough however.. The elder god arose in the distance, easily corrupting the frail mortal with a word. The party fought him until he was beaten in a brutal combat. Afterwards, they resolved to split ways, one group going to the maelstrom tower in order to follow Pikx's ritual, the other group fighting the masses of elder gods using the totality of mortal power


ROS033, ROS034, ROS035, ROS037.

Tanya, Mirthal, and Pikx had gone quite a few games without actually getting any magic items (Combination between bad loot rolls, and being a good person.)

Noteworthy Postgame Events