April 18, 2019

Game Master
Rosalio Ornelas
Fionna (What is Paroli?)
Saint Joseph


Bring about the twilight of the gods

Plot Synopsis

Taking the battle against immortal, unlimited planar concepts - Fionna called upon the power of the cosmos to do battle in the havens. Rocking the universe from one end to the other, she threw two elder gods into a neutron star before facing off against a combination of six of them. They were capable of piercing her flux barrier, overpowering the combined forces of the universe, but she was capable of using their own hubris against them. They knew they cannot truly die - whatever she did. However something was consuming the power of the defeated gods. Defeating the last elder god in his own mindscape - she survived the being pumping 45 units into his tempest storm and continued beams of energy - a tactic that he resorted to only after smites and divine barriers did not do enough. Battered and beaten, they had three final opponents. She and Atkin stood at the end of time - face to face with the force siphoning the powers of these planar concepts. Unwilling to let go of life before giving time itself one final mortal reminder, Fionna left an eternal scar on the goddess - a scar that pierces all of time itself, rending the fabric of reality rippling across the multiverse. Fionna's final strike caused her to disintegrate itself, her soul and essence being utterly obliterated.

Lucinda dealt with the fact that she had been left behind repeatedly by numerous adventurers. Speaking with both Saint Joseph and other individuals, she discerned an extreme sense of urgency. She initially convinced many to leave with her, though they rallied to Fionna's cause upon seeing an eldritch abomination struck by a massive weapon. She was caught in the midst of the chaos as the people of Aynia began to fight to the bitter end against the ensuing apocalypse. Calling wild life to her side, she wrestled down the inheritor of Flora's legacy, reconciling with the soul of the wolf. She then went on to make brutal trek to Fautus's castle, defeating a handful of mid to high rate enemies, stressing a few times. Unsure of how to power Faustus's original portal, she stuffed it with the soul magic of a shadow beast after casting babe on it. She returned to Jaern, managing to slowly make her way back to Uzumi, collapsing shortly after arriving.


Fionna was utterly and completely obliterated, losing everything that was on her at the time - though she bought time for the planet.
Lucinda was able to finally able to absorb the power of Flora.

Noteworthy Postgame Events