March 16, 2019

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Xerys (Elven Psionic Edgelord Assassin)
Mindra Vii (Water Witch. Expert at Changing Magics.)
Lavare (The Cursed Air Microdragon)
Angela (Mercy)


Centralia Natatorium is wanting to hire a rescue party to save their research team under Kratal. Meet at 2 PM.

Plot Synopsis

Mercy shows up just before 1 and sits on the steps of the Natatorium and waits. Ten minutes later Lavare and Xerys show up and Xerys grabs Riya before she jumps Lavare. Lavare knocks on the door and Katie opens the door. They are shown to a waiting pool as is Mindra when she shows up a few minutes later. K’tel comes in at 2 and tells them the situation.
The party enters the teleport pool and arrive in the ship. The room is totally filled with water. Mercy arrives with light and they can see the room is offset with the door out downward. Mercy removed the lockbar and tried to pull it open but failed. Mindra after casting Evaporate to get some air then gives some Gills so the party does not drown. She then Obliterates the door. They swim out finding 2 bodies which Mercy put in her bag of holding. They search the other part of the boat and found 2 more.
They then headed towards the opening of the underground sea. As they went Lavare thought he noticed something from one of the rock outcroppings but is discouraged by Mindra from investigating. They make their way to the cave and find a walk path in. It goes for about 500 feet before it ends at a beach to the right. The cavern is dark except for Mercy’s light ring. Mercy and Mindra believe they hear something from the opening so Mindra shoots a LAMPed arrow back there. After a while they see the hull of a row boat approach the lamped arrow and a hand picks it out of the water and tucks it away. The boat approaches though after saying a prayer to Neptune which Mindra understands so they stand down from a fight. The boat has a lizard and dwarf who identify themselves as 2 of the researchers and explain that the others were captured after an early predawn ambush. They let the party in their boat and with the assistance of a shark that was swimming around they start heading into the sea. They notice a faint beam of light and head towards the end ahead of them.
A fireball comes out of nowhere so Lavare flys towards its source. Some arrows then come from the same area but no source is seen. Mindra and Ju’kran (the lizard) dive in the water while Mercy and Xerys and Drak (the dwarf) keep low in the boat to avoid being hit further. Lavare then gets closer and all of a sudden can see a ship filled with pirates who start to shoot him with arrows and ballista. Lavare gets of a lightning storm and a few LIGHTNING BOLTs before retreating back to the rowboat area. Xerys decides to swim towards the sounds of the fight even though she could not see where it is. Mindra and Xerys reach the boat and after a failed attempt to short port onto the deck (having falling off the deck rail) Mindra DEMOLISHes the keel and most of the boat. The remaining pirates swim away while the party rescues the researchers who were in the hold as the cage walls sink to the bottom of the sea.
With the researchers is a man who introduces himself as Piloto and thanks them, explaining he was captured 7 months prior. Mindra asks about his capture and tries to DISCERN MOTIVATION for any deception but finds none nor does she detect any emotion from him. They head back to the beach where the priests rest to regain some units as the portal pool will not be ready until the next morning. Mindra and Mercy try to search the pirate ship that was sunk to only find a mug. The mug fills with beer when it is lifter out of the water. GTM098
The party and priests then return to the Natatorium via pool in the research wreckage. There they are paid 1250sp each.

Noteworthy Postgame Events