April 04, 2019

Game Master
Rosalio Ornelas
Fionna (What is Paroli?)
Angela (Ooo...shiny!)
Saint Joseph


Infiltrate the Fortress of Flame

Plot Synopsis

Deftly infiltrating the fortress through Phyre's masks and Pikx's ability to act his way through most situations, they convinced most of the guards that everything was fine. During this time period, the party took an opportunity to gain a bit of knowledge about the forces present in the Fortress of Flame, learning about the different attacks of the enemies they saw. Things turned sour for Fionna and Angela when they attempted to steal Saint Joseph's desk, the two narrowly escaping utter annihilation as he blindly wailed in his room. Meanwhile, they were used as an inadvertent distraction as Pikx, Phyre, and Tanya infiltrated the dungeon, searching for Olo'dan, failing to find him. However, they did learn that he was being used in some sort of ritual by Saint Joseph. Resolving to use the interim period and panick to obliterate the heart, they were confronted by a giant centipede reminiscent of the one beneath the Capitol City. This one was wreathed in flame, and capable of more actions, however. Nevertheless, they were capable of defeating it with some difficulty, displaying more prowess in this fight. However, their immediate decision to obliterate the heart of flame was met with... some resistance. The massive distraction caused most of the guards to leave, but the Heart's protector was not so keen. They were attacked by a Flamewreath Wyvern with less DVs, but far more DP/Attack Power/Abilities/Rounds than a book dragon. The torite was utterly obliterated as her ability to fight on was revoked, while Phyre was knocked repeatedly unconscious by the Flamewreath Wyvern's wing buffets. Forcing them to reroll many of their skill and ability checks, in addition to utilizing devastating claw skill resulted in most of the party nearly dying. However, Phyre managed to blind the creature, causing it to begin missing most of it's attacks. The party was able to barely bring it down as it attempted to lunge at Fionna.


2700 eeps.

no silver, or magic items.

Noteworthy Postgame Events