February 16, 2019

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Michael Woods
Clementine (Cold Blooded Killer Rogue)
Fionna (What is Paroli?)


Help needed to drive away the Empire's forces

Plot Synopsis

The day after Fionna and Cinder's destruction of the village in which Belethor was stationed, Kari sent out another request for assistance from adventurers to ward off the rest of the remaining army. Explaining the situation to the new arrivals, party prepared resources (including a large bundle of exploding sticks) and headed out early. They ended up arriving just before the army had time to form ranks and move out, and decimated the majority of the camp with their attacks. As they were riding on Cinder's back (dragon form), 300 ft. up in the air, none of the ground troops were able to do anything in terms of combat, and while the mages and bow/crossbow wielders gave a valiant effort, none were quite able to land a hit on party before the camp was no more. Belethor specifically was left be, captured and humiliated, before sent back to the nearest (intact) village with a message for the Empire.

One seemingly normal soldier survived the onslaught from party, having made a successful DI, and party tried to kill him again. Repeatedly. However, nothing seemed to be doing damage to his body, despite the pain he felt, and his physical form melted into a flesh puddle, for lack of a better term, which sank into the earth as party continued to try killing it, including by turning the floor into lava. One party member noted that its soul shone intensely bright through its entire form, but none of party could identify exactly what occurred.

Party members who had not previously assisted Kari received one (1) geode (MJW003), and 2500 XP.

Post-game, a "friendship beam" originating from Fionna shone down from the heavens onto Kari within her village. Unbeknownst to her, the beam was seen obviously from nearby villages, and visible from over the mountains, in the Capital, but not its landing point.

Noteworthy Postgame Events