February 21, 2019

Game Master
Rosalio Ornelas
Link Atemest (......*Pottery Noises*)
Fionna (What is Paroli?)
Almak (A dwarf that likes to swing his hammer.)
The Vine (Rudrio The Vine Sanchez is a luchador. A grappler with a strong sense of morality, The Vine will always lend a hand.)


Investigate the Tower of Ascension

Plot Synopsis

The party used their airship to move to the Capitol City - in the meanwhile, Faustus got into an argument with Link. Humiliated, and reminded of how far he has fallen, he decided against his better judgement to fight the swordsman. Without his allies, nor his henchman, he hoped his overwhelming might would succeed - choosing to reject the lesson he thought he learned, that he needed friends. Rapidly losing to both Link and a chaos dragon, he fled to where he knew Sealia was - rapidly consuming her to devolve into a shadow dragon. Obliterating the whole city of Nerii, even with his newfound powers, he was still unable to defeat Link, attempting to flee again back to his nearly shattered soul well - hoping to feed upon the souls and inject himself with the demon plague in order ascend to greater heights, Link prevented his final transformation. The white dragon attempted to surrender, but Link rejected him. Fighting in the blighted fields between his castle and Nerii, the two beat each other until they both died. There was no triumphant celebration. The party drew the ire of eldritch abominations, demons, and shadow beasts as their broken airship recovered some ancient artifacts. Fioran and the rest of the souls absorbed by Faustus were released as they seemingly obliterated him. Those bounded to Faustus immediately died, hoping his fail-safe would save him - it did not.

Whispers of Mephistopheles
Book of Dreams
Greenflame Axe

Noteworthy Postgame Events