February 09, 2019

Game Start Date
Game Master
Michael Woods
Fionna (What is Paroli?)


Assistance needed to infiltrate the Empire and gather intel.

Plot Synopsis

Kari, one of the Red Fox Kin, a race considered "beasts" by the Empire, requested help of the adventurers to learn of when the Empire may next strike, so that her people could either prepare appropriately or evacuate to another location. In the months since the last adventurers had been on plane, a series of attacks had pushed the Kin further into the forest, losing some of their southern border territory, and she wished to avoid further losses and tragedy. However, she left her people unaware of her plan and met the adventurers at night, as they harbor a deep distrust of non-Kin races due to the Empire's hostility and a wariness towards the portal that one day simply appeared within their forest. (It had preceded even the one that the last adventurers had used, being an unstable "runaway" of Aurelius' experiments.)

Party took off that night towards the closest town, which was barricaded heavily in the direction of the forest but much less toward other directions. Arriving just past midnight by circling around, they sneaked into the war tent there with relative ease as no one was out and about at that time, the only posted guards being at the aforementioned barricade (and unbeknownst to them, the captain away traveling to another town for a meeting). They copied the entirety of the important documents found there before moving on towards the next town over, resting in-between. In that next village, Fionna posed as an imposing Queen to infiltrate an in-progress war council meeting, where party learned of plans to attack "within the Moon," approximately a three week window. However, she drew the suspicion (and ire) of the General from the very beginning, as another such meeting had been interrupted once before by a lone adventurer pulling a similar ploy, and plans were hastened once party was (as the general believed) out of earshot. His personal guards tailed party along the road, but were spotted and subsequently killed some distance out.

Party offered to spend time to trap the army's planned meeting place and take out a majority of the forces before they could move out, but Kari feared a display like that would draw further attention to her people and risk harsh retaliation from the Empire. Beginning her own fully-fledged counteroffensive was not what she had planned for, to say the least.

A day less than two in-game weeks later, the night before the Empire army was to move out, party burned down the second village in the dead of night, being sure to leave only the General alive to witness it, posting his (now decaying) guards' bodies in front of his tent and making party known to be GG_EZ, leaving a map with their "location" marked as a distant offshore island not yet explored to throw the Empire off the path of the Kin (to cover the case if the Empire suspected party was assisting the "beasts").

Party was paid two (2) small magical geodes per member, though Fionna turned hers down as Kari could use them to further her magic. 2500 XP

Noteworthy Postgame Events