May 29, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Krystal Tyler
Fred (He hates everything!)
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)


Adventurers needed for rescue mission. Meet Atrus at the Stopover Inn as soon as possible.

Plot Synopsis

Bleary-eyed, the adventurers slowly appeared at the Stopover Inn. Atrus explained that his wife had been kidnapped, and now that he had all the symbols he needed from previous missions, the actual rescue could begin. The party traveled through a picture in a book and appeared on an island. After initially getting stuck in a small, enclosed room, they explored the island, finding a confusing rotating room and an odd temple-like building. A mechanical device took them to the next island, where they “discovered” some stone deadfalls and a village of frightened villagers, who wouldn’t come out of their gourd-like huts. Nearby was what appeared to be a school with an odd jack-in-the-box thing, which punched a few people in the face when the handle was cranked. A hidden door amidst the cliff wall behind the village led to a false door and a grove of trees with many hidden traps, which certain members of the party had no problems finding. At the end of the trees was a dock (and a scythe, of which Dom easily leaped out of the way). A wooden cart took them to a third island, where they were attacked by more than 10 draconic creatures. Natasha didn’t survive the combat that ensued, but was successfully Soul-catchered afterwards.

After finally dispatching the creatures, the party travels to another world where the kidnapper—Saavedro—discovers them, and the party discovers that he’s an Earth mage by being Halt-Timed a few times. Eventually, Jacob gets Suspended while Saavedro caught, tied up, and later forced into a book, where he is trapped. The party continues to yet another island, where they find Atrus’ wife. The party briefly debates going home and coming back for Jacob, but they decide to un-Suspend him and leave. Atrus thanks them and disappears through another book, leaving the party to leap off a cliff into a star fissure while the world around them collapses. The party appears in their places of residence, and their payment is received a few days later.

Notable events: Natasha dies but gets better.

Noteworthy Postgame Events