October 25, 2003

Game Master
Joshua Ellison
Melville Brewster


Adventurers wanted to escort a caravan both ways. Meet at the spectral meteor at noon.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers are met at noon when Brewster shows up just a little bit late but gets there and tells the prospective clients what he wants them to do. Just guard two wagons on the way to a house about two days away from rougtero and back. The drivers will know if the correct stuff is being loaded for the return trip. Before the adventureres meet at the stables to depart Bertha decides that she wants to armwrestle a couple of people and gets upset when she loses.
The first day of the trip goes by uneventfully with them getting close to their destination without anything other than some weird animal tracks. That night during second watch the party is attacked by some timberwolves that get killed but hurt the party a little bit. The second day passes and the party arrives at the house a little worse for wear. The person living at the house offers them all a place to stay and a good dinner. The party stays for two days to heal up and then head out.
On the way back the party is ambushed by some thugs and although one of them gets away, the party manages to win and stay alive. The rest of the trip back is uneventful as they get back and get payed for their troubles.

Party recieved 1000 silver and 2600eps
one person recieved a steel shield that the one of the thugs had

Noteworthy Postgame Events

two items given out JJE001 and JJE002