February 11, 2019

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Patrick C Purciful
Abraham (The terrible T'orite)
Melchior Vosmus
Jacob Johnson
Tobias Vosmus


Find out why Brother Markus went mad.

Plot Synopsis

Party checked out temple mentioned in Brother Markus' last journal entry. Found an empty sealed off room, supposedly containing "items of intense evil." Also found a business card for Doro the merchant. Went to town, found Doro, shut down a legitimate business selling BBQ from a hydra. Paid Doro to find out that Jacob Johnson bought some of the items, and so did that guy in a hood standing in the shadows over there. Hood guy invites them to dinner later. The crew shows up to Jacob Johnson's place, attacking him on sight. They then returned to the original town and entered the baking competition. This is where the Omega Space Weed debacle started. They decided to put OSW in the pie they made... Cinder tried some, and lived several decades in their hallucination, which only lasted 3 minutes in in game time. They decided to see what wouldve happened if they didnt run from their allies, but stayed and fought. They had a significantly better life, and were much happier. A few key points remained the same, but overall, everything was better. Due to the nature of OSW (IGR032), they truly did make the better decisions in the first place, as their "hallucinations" were real. They might suffer an alignment change. This was voluntary on their part, to try to do things better, and I am more than willing to give people a redemption arc. They ended up winning this competition, and went to the dinner. Once there, Cinder used the boot they took from Doro to shadowstep into the house, to a library. There, they met Melchior, seduced them, and then rejected (or didn't notice, it wasn't clear) Melchior's attempts at the same. They equipped many of the items they were sent to find, and tried to become a hirudo and vampire. They did not, tried to attack Melchior, and got kicked out of the house. The house teleported away. Cinder did more OSW. This time, they found out they live in a game, and disintegrated Rosalio. They also spent 8 millenia as people's pets, at one point living as the corgi who became part of Link. They have gained meta knowledge when insane. They also spent time as a benevolent God, and realised the futility of being evil. Once again, I didn't really expect this, but here we are. Besides that, they succeeded at finding out why Markus went mad, because he was possessed by an evil artifact. 4k silver, and 2700 or 2800 eeps, i dont remember. Oh yeah, Cinder also cast super chaos, and spawned a sauce dragon, a tome from a Parallel universe Rudri (a 6 die fanfiction about them and Cinder), a boring cube, and a fully stocked, flying galleon.

Noteworthy Postgame Events