January 28, 2019

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Rosalio Ornelas
The Hanged Man (Living Legend of Aynia)
Mr. Pockets (Mr. Pockets is a mime. A psion with a penchant for pranks, Mr. Pockets is known by his friends as Batoo.)
Forgotten Conqueror


Investigate the area below Nerii

Plot Synopsis

Native to Aynia, The Hanged Man started off with an inferior INT and inferior CSE. Meeting with Mr. Pockets they were contacted by the Forgotten King. Sent to the ruins below Nerii, they dodged a big raven monster before trapping it inside of an ectoplasmic cocoon. It remained there until it died and exploded into nothing. Afterwards, they entered the lower parts of the city, where they eventually found a copy of the castle on the surface. They had some trouble with a big monster that they continuously shot at it. They narrowly escaped into the castle where Mr. Pockets proceeded to die again (Attempting to pet a tiny centipede). Finding some toasters in the armory, they robbed the kitchen to get a stove and a refrigerator. Afterwards, they found a library behind the throne room, where a mad draconic-human hybrid was raving about someone named Crease who had turned the world on it's head. They stealthily made it past him, finding a book on how to toast and a book describing the death of Itherades and attempts to revive the god of fortune, especially by a human king by the name of Drusth. They left while making sure the books stayed in the library. Exiting the castle, Mr. Pockets consumed a dangerous amount of souls (The same day that he butchered over two dozen living beings.) Whether or not Mr. Pockets can properly call himself a good person after such acts is up to him.


Regardless, the two believed themselves the superior of the giant shadow beast. The Hanged Man began to absorb a huge number of souls into his body, dramatically increasing his STAT, and giving him a number of EXCEPTIONALS for a short time period (As long as he was fighting the monster) Growing to be over 100 feet tall, his onesie grew in size an appropriate amount (As well as his kitchen appliances). Putting together all of the kitchen appliances he had found, he challenged the colossal creature, shoving his oven into it's face, and grappling it with his toasters (he utilized them as though they were whips), he was able to do a tremendous amount of damage, body slamming it into the lake from which it came. After dying, The Hanged Man continued to fight on, forcibly possessing his deceased body as he continued to battle. The creature pinned him to the ground as Mr. Pockets fired a desperation shot with a micro-wave powered soul howitzer. Dealing several hundred damage, the creature was still living. so Mr. Pockets utilized his "Free DI" to call to the Maelstrom itself. In a flash of lightning and raw energy, a sorceress of ludicrous power appeared (It's power level was so high, the aurasight broke), burning away the weakened soul lake, leaving nothing but screaming husks while also proceeding to vaporize The Hanged Man. Using an absurd version of explode energy and retreating time to virtually disintegrate him, a bright flash of white light blinded Mr. Pockets. The Sorceress disappeared as soon as she came in a flash of runic symbols. Mr. Pockets limped (while also being undead) all the way back to the Nerii on the surface, where he fell into the arms of the king. He told him about what had occurred and the sacrifice that The Hanged Man endured. Impressed, the Forgotten King gave him what he believed to be a full years wages on Jaern: 250 silver. Mr. Pockets saw the destruction wrought on the city proper before collapsing. In distance he made out the dark forms of the living things on Aynia's surface feeling nothing but dread.


3 Toasters and a book on how to toast toast. 2900 EPs. 250 Silver (For Mr. Pockets.)

Noteworthy Postgame Events