January 26, 2019

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Patrick C Purciful
Leo (Lizard rogue and Osirisite who enjoys nature.)
Abraham (The terrible T'orite)
Momonga (Mentally Disturbed Necromancer)
Jeremiah Joseph (Without a doubt one of the worst people the world has ever seen )
Acaetli (Osirite who will attempt to protect all land animals)
Brother Markus


Find the Missing Adventurers

Plot Synopsis

Party went to Jach, got told that two groups of adventurers had been sent to check out the Raite temple that had a meeting no one returned from. The adventurers did not return either. Party leaves, goes to temple. They find a book which had scribed the proceedings of the meeting. About half way through the meeting, a bunch of undead burst through the door and started killing priests, whose spells seemed ineffective. One of the Raites yelled "to the chair!" Brother Anthony yelled "Brother Markus?? But why would-" to which Brother Markus replied "Anthony, look out!" The book scribes a crunch, scraping on stone, and then silence. Party finds a lot of undead near the door, and tries to fight them off. Overwhelmed by sheer numbers, the party finds a lever by a chair, uses it, and escapes through a secret passageway.

They follow a trail of broken underbrush and blood to a town called Pran, which looks desolate. Barren. Crops destroyed, buildings burning, livestock rotting on the cold ground. There are corpses of townspeople and undead alike strewn about. A single building is standing, though. The large, multi-storied church, with the big bell tower. There is a ring of live grass around this church, about a foot from the building, a stark contrast to the death everywhere else. There are broken fortifications surrounding the church, as if they were overrun. There is a ring around the church around 40 ft from it that looks blown up, as if a bunch of mines had exploded.

As party approaches the church, someone throws a bucket of water towards party and yells "Back demons! Keep your witchery to yourselves!' After explanation and good communication skills, party learns Brother Markus has been helping the people of this village against the assault of undead. The adventurers showed up, and then promptly died. Party had about 9 hours until the undead would come, so they took long rests and casted a few trap spells involving doors.

The time rolled around, and Brother Markus apologized for putting the party through this. He grew heavenly wings, and flew into the air, surrounded by four flying townsfolk. The townsfolk hiding in the church turn to undead, and attack party. A long, hard fight later, Party is triumphant. The fight turned out much harder than I intended, and as such the rewards are a little bit better than originally planned. 3k eeps, 4k silver, minor magical items, some of which (staff of grass growing, ladle of hearty food, darts of good fortune) were mentioned earlier in the story, and had become memes for the players)

Noteworthy Postgame Events