October 20, 2018

Game Master
Michael Woods


Adventurers needed to investigate a rogue portal.

Plot Synopsis

After an extremely out-of-place portal appeared at the portal farm (not opened from this side, hovering in middle of a walkway, at a severe angle on all three dimensional axes, and in actuality upside down), the adventurers were paid a small amount simply to see that the portal was safe, and potentially find a way to get it moved to a better location. On the flip side was a plane much earlier in magical and technical development than Jaern, where party found themselves briefly wandering through a castle. Soon enough they encountered one of the guards, who brought them to rooms to temporarily stay while the Archmage was fetched (as the portal was his creation, one of several attempts). Introductions were made between party, the Archmage Julius, and soon after the Emperor Aurelius, and for the rest of mission party assisted Julius with furthering his research by providing him knowledge and examples of more advanced magics. Of particular interest is that this plane's magic is tied to the use of mana-storing crystals, and psionics and divine magics were yet undiscovered or nonexistant naturally. Julius then also paid party a small amount for their assistance.

Noteworthy Postgame Events