January 25, 2019

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Rosalio Ornelas
Mr. Pockets (Mr. Pockets is a mime. A psion with a penchant for pranks, Mr. Pockets is known by his friends as Batoo.)


Find Ramses! He's disappeared through a portal.

Plot Synopsis

Party shows up to Rougtero at 11:00 PM the previous day, spend their time impressing locals with their heroic adventuring antics. One of the locals dies after being smote by Osiris (6, 6, 6 with a luck from Kira). Afterwards, Fenran and Kira loudly watch My Little Pony through the night, almost causing one of the Raites to lose his mind. Afterwards, the team assembles and marches through the portal. They narrowly miss being nabbed by the renewed soul well. Instead they are pulled by a redirection effort to capture any Jaernians attempting to obliterate the planet. They carefully plead their case, before convincing all in attendance to fly out in a display of complete hope. The party fends off against a flying shadow beast. Kira and Fenran drunkenly find a secret pathway, stumbling into the lower reaches of the Capital City. There they go through a number of deadly encounters, narrowly surviving with their lives and unlives. Mr. Pockets and Fenran earn ROS008 in a fight with shadow centipedes. Kip dies, and rateburns to be resurrected, Kira narrowly survive the first battle with 1 DP, while they set up an absolutely genius phalanx to protect themselves when fighting the second one. Completely disregarding their original mission, they exchange the soul of a Soul Hoarder to Faustus for passage back to Jaern. Faustus suplexes and launches the Soul Hoarder into the Soul Well before allowing them to return. They do not return to the Raaites, or inform them of anything that has occurred - as far as they know, another group of adventurers has disappeared through the portal.

The party forcibly takes and pillages a Cathedral and obtained a soultech gun, a small spark of ominous divinity, a soul orb, and a gem.

Noteworthy Postgame Events