January 10, 2019

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Rosalio Ornelas
Fionna (What is Paroli?)
Mirthal (Evil Elf with secret plans (Hmm............'Evil Thoughts' ))
Tumbleweed (Gunslinger Extraordinaire)
Mr. Pockets (Mr. Pockets is a mime. A psion with a penchant for pranks, Mr. Pockets is known by his friends as Batoo.)


Help a wizard investigate an anomaly.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers went through a portal, made contact with soul cultists, and went to go visit a dragon's castle. After killing an assistant, sparking a small revolution, and collapsing a soul tower, the adventurers fled after the master of the castle, Faustus, returned. The party narrowly escaped his wrath by chucking a soulblight spear at him, telling him a good lie, and enshrouding him in a magical fog, distracting him for a precious few seconds. Fionna made some new friends in the form of a soul drake, a dangerous dragon, and a being that strongly resembles her, her god, and a baby seal.

Pay was 7000 silver for Fionna, 2000 silver for the rest of the party.
Members of Tri-Alpha stole a horrendous book of souls, Fenran took the depleted soul of Lazarus, and Fionna added 4 Owlbears to her slave collection.
Everyone in the party received 2700 experience.

Noteworthy Postgame Events