December 15, 2018

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Patrick C Purciful
Abraham (The terrible T'orite)
Jeremiah Joseph (Without a doubt one of the worst people the world has ever seen )
Steele (To some, an alcoholic pirate captain. To others, a hedonistic space marine. Neither is incorrect.)
Cyindir (Cinder) (Sacrifice everything for more power)
D.J. Skelliot
Jerry Sinclair
Mr. Smiley


Figure out what's happenin' in the Brastlewark Sewers

Plot Synopsis

The party showed up to the city, went through customs, and went to hiring location at the city maintenance building. John, the hirer, explained the situation and told Cyindir they could not do the mission, because they are too big (currently the size of an aerodrako). Jeremiah Joseph showed up to the city, tried and failed to file a formal complaint with the city, and went to the hiring location. The party was told to find the missing workers. They were led to the last known location of the workers. They walked down the path, and turned left. They came across some other workers, who were repairing a section of the sewer. Upon seeing Jeremiah Joseph in the form of a grazoon, they attacked and repelled him. They continued to work, and party went back to the intersection. They turned left again. They came across some oozes, and combat ensued. Due to poor party tactics, and the fact that in the sewers magic has a good chance of failing, the oozes knocked Steele unconscious. Jeremiah Joseph flew away, carrying Steele. Jeremiah successfully DI-ed to Osiris, their deity, and asked them to help Steele survive. Steele was healed of all addictions and bodily harm. Through several turns of trying and failing to cast, Abraham finally washed the oozes down the sewers, and ended combat. The nature of the sewer's runic magic causes magic to have a 50% chance of failing, and another 50% chance of casting chaos, regardless of success or failure. Through this chaos, Abraham perpetually has a bunch of bananas suspended in them (they are a water elemental, so this causes no ill health effects, however when they take out the bananas, another set spawn in). Steele has visions of Cthulhu, and sees tentacles creep into his peripherals. Jeremiah Joseph is left unscathed. The party continues, and finds an abandoned rave with a few piles of bones. They turned around and found The Waypoint Pipe, which told them that it housed a demon, and told them how to exit the sewers. Jeremiah Joseph, in their infinite wisdom, decided to bite open the pipe. They do, and each party member finds themselves next to a spectral figure in the shape of an old grandma. The grandma offers them cookies, which Jeremiah Joseph readily accepts. Steele seems skeptical, but eats one after signing a contract to remove the tentacles from their peripherals. Abraham, being unable to eat, is released by the grandma. Jeremiah Joseph and Steele have ill effects due to eating the cookies. The party talks to the police of the area, and Jeremiah Joseph pays a fine to avoid being arrested for releasing a demon. The party spends the night trying and failing to catch a demon making a bad deal, as due to the loopholes in the law system, the pipe could be filled by any demon who breaks any law. Steele gets their contract read by Jerry Sinclair, who adds a caveat to allow Steele to break the contract without having to give over everything he owns to the demon. Once the demon goes back in the pipe, the contract would break. The party found the demon, and Jeremiah Joseph insulted the demon's cooking, causing the demon to assault him, causing Abraham to arrest the demon. During the trial, Jeremiah Joseph was charged with contempt of court. The following night, the party went back into the sewers, found the skeletal rave, and fought the necromancer. A long battle later, the party defeated the necromancer, and got paid the 4,000 silver promised to them. Eeps were 3,000.

Noteworthy Postgame Events