November 18, 2018

Game Master
Benjamin Mirvish
The Vine (Rudrio The Vine Sanchez is a luchador. A grappler with a strong sense of morality, The Vine will always lend a hand.)
Fionna (What is Paroli?)
Granger (Eccentric Smart Outdoorsman. Love science, arts and nature.He's also very lawful good in his mindset. Believes Adventurers are often the sole cause of problems , he's there to hopefully swade them on moral grounds to prevent any mal side-effects.)


Adventurers needed to help a "friend" of mine save France from a witch

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were teleported by magic hiring slips to meet the hirer. He explained the mission and they were teleported to the mission site. They hiked for a little bit, the met the NPCs intended to support them. They arrived at a village and were attacked by skeletons and wyverns. After the battle, they hiked some more, found the site they were looking for, and returned to the hirer. At this point, Balorf and The Vine tried to attack the hirer for no reason and were punished. Party Received 2500 exp and 3000 silver.

Noteworthy Postgame Events