November 24, 2018

Game Master
Zachary Berglund
Steele (To some, an alcoholic pirate captain. To others, a hedonistic space marine. Neither is incorrect.)
Fionna (What is Paroli?)


Adventurers needed to investigate the reason of the attack by the Nature's Children's Guild on our northern section.

Plot Synopsis

Party ended up with 7500 silver except for Steele who got 4500. They each got 3000 xp.
The game hirer was Rhodes-Elect of the Urban Movement. Party met at the 4 guns tavern where they were collected by manly man Gnar. He challenged them to a drinking contest where party barley lost as Steele almost kept up and both failed an 11 die health, and proceeded to lose at a 9 die health. He liked them because of how well they drank and gave everyone in party and extra 500 silver for mission pay. Upon meeting the hirer Rhodes-elect Garner, the Electoriat of the Urban Movement, party decided to investigate the assaulted site. There, Fionna found a ripped letter containing the name Garner. Upon questioning, he reveals that his sister is the grand chieftain (leader) of the Nature's Children Guild. Party then proceeds to get an audience with the Grand Chieftain. They are peacefully stopped by a patrol. They explain how they want to request and audience. They are asked to drop all weapons, especially since they are traveling with Captain Steele of the Pirate Freemen's Guild. A guild they tend to hate and distrust. This upsets the party since they practically lose all things and weapons. Esteban however hides poisons and drugs with an 8 die smuggling check. They met with Argon Rummer, the lead ranger. There he tried to deny the attack and pushed off the group to the best of their ability. The party ends up learning that they lie. However, Fionna uses a knowledge scan and the guy fails the check. She learns that the attack came directly from the order of Alexis Garner. Meanwhile, Esteban is able to poison the well water. Accepting that they could learn no further, they leave. They get back to their stuff and then the poison kicked in. Concurrently, Steele takes his ship and firebombs the village. They get into combats, Steele fights the Light Soldiers from Alexis, he nearly dies, but makes a pirate manuever to turn straight up, plunging them to the back of the vehicle, pulls out his pistol and shoots the melee fighters to death. Afterwards, main party puts out a fire and runs into another patrol. They are able to repair relations after apologizing. Alexis makes a deal that she'll tell them why she attacked if they rescue some children from Alexis. Party eventually rescues the child, but then realize that the child looks slightly familiar. They soon deduce that since the only one she doesn't look familiar to is Steele, she is probably Alexis's Daughter. This is confirmed by Alexis. This is a large deal since as Grand Chieftain, they aren't allowed to have any children, to remain celibate. 👌👌👌 This is a big deal as of now Rhodes-elect is now taking care of the daughter. Steele is sold the information by estiban for 30k silver.

Noteworthy Postgame Events