August 21, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Galiena (Hey, hands off, or I'll add you to the list...)
Quaoar Ridgewood (Zhe likes to 'ack zings vis 'er big zord.)
Jack Livingston
Devero - Priest of Anubis
Timmy - Luckless Cabin Boy


Adventurers needed to investigate an anomoly. Meet at the Seplechar in centralia

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers show up and are escorted to a waiting room. At the appropriate time, Devero meets with them to explain what he needs done. Three weeks ago one of the younger priests was having recurring dreams about restless dead on a unihabited island. Several priest were sent to investigate and Release any undead that happened to be there. They have not reported back to the Seplechar and Devero wants the group to go look for them. He offers 100 sp for the mission with a bonus if there are undead and they find the sourse.

The party sails to the island and begins to explore. They eventually find a recently opened entryway into a series of catacombs beneight the island. They begin to explore the tunnles, being careful not to disturb anything to avoid setting off any curses.

Eventually they find a raised stone sarcophagus. Natasha and Dhago go investigate and as they turn to leave, a ghostly woman raises out of the grave and attacks Natasha. The ghost appears to have mistaken Natasha for her true love and attempts to kill her so they can be together forever. Jack begins minibolting the ghost after realizing his steak knife will be of little effect. Galiena and Natasha begin lightning bolting the ghost, while Quaoar swings wildly in the ghost's general direction. Eventually they manage to disapate the ghost and take Natasha out of the catacombs to recover her health.

The rest of the party continues their search. The pass by many skeletons who pay no attention to them. Eventually they find two large skeletons armed with Halbreds gaurding a locked door. They skeltons only attack when approached and quickly break off their attack when the party retreats. After much hacking, they destroy the two gaurds and Galiena Witchsmellers the door. She finds there is a permanent effect on it and assumes it is something she doesn't want to touch.

After Galiena informs the party of the door's enchantment, Quaoar and Dhago begin having a wrestling match to throw the other into the door. Quaoar loses and is petrified. The party discusses the situation and spends many hours hauling the petrified party member back to the surface.

Galiena and Dhago then return to the ship to ask for them to contact Devero and the Cefo points out they can't until they get back to the mainland. Galiena then writes a note and casts send package to deliver the note to an aquantice of hers with instructions to relay it to Devero. To pass the time before they can expect a response, galiena asks if they have anyone who picks locks. Timmy the cabin boy has a knack for it and the Cefo offers his services to them. Galiena offers him 2 sp for unlocking it, Timmy who sees an opportunity for riches, demands at least 5 sp. Galiena then uses cleaver revearse psychology until Timmy agrees to go out of a need to prove himself competent to the party.

A while later Timmy is petrified by the door, just managing to unlock it before the spell effect hit. The remaing party members then spend another long time hauling Timmy back to the surface as well. When the finally return they open the door using a long pole and go in. They find a Zombified Anubisite standing next to a seated skeleton. Natasha begins asking stupid questions and the skeleton tells them to go away. Galiena begins to leave immediately, the others follow suit. Natasha then proceeds to ask more questions on their way out of the room and the find themselves Halt Timed. In the resulting fight as the halt time ends, Natasha and Dahgo are earthboned and Galiena narrowly misses a Sythe.

The surviving party waits on the ship for a few days and a small vessle approaches them. It contains a few Anubisites who are going to evaluate the situation. They find the door locked and as they don't want to risk petrification or fight an earthmage skelton, they descide to wait on further action until more resourses can be arranged.

The two living party members are paid 300 sp as payment. The temple arranges to have revocates cast on Quaoar and Timmy to bring down the petrification, but are not hopeful that it can be done quickly.

Players recieve 2500 exp. Dahgo and Natasha are currently waiting to be recovered. Quaoar and Timmy are in the CMG to have revocates cast.

Noteworthy Postgame Events