November 11, 2018

Game Master
Lavare (The Cursed Air Microdragon)
Tumbleweed (Gunslinger Extraordinaire)
Gaige (Mechromancer(Future Jaern))


Invite Only hunting contest for a magic beast on a cyberpunk/magiteck plane

Plot Synopsis

rewards were: 2.5k eaps, $7.5k, 1 magic item per partymember (4), Finly obtained a old wharehouse in the worst part of town 50k sqrfeet floor space for $200k and an LSD induced fever painting of high quality of himself for retail price of $2k. Tumbleweed obtained a similar painting of himself for $1.6k and two (2) LSD retail price. Someone got one single fire grenade launcher that does 2d6 blunt damage on direct hit, no amo

Noteworthy Postgame Events