October 20, 2018

Game Master
Jean Watts
Ra'Gath (Kind Kobold warrior that Leo protected, adventures for riches.)


Gain the support of a princess of water elementals

Plot Synopsis

Party went to the hiring where Liz informed them that they would like to call on support from this group of water elementals in order to have some aid in filling tunnels with water, but the princess has been unable to assist them because of her war with a kingdom of earth elementals. Party first tried talking to the king earth elemental(with baylorf gagged in an anti magic cell with nothing but his self helo demon to listen to) they found out that he was a major dick and didn't want to give in. So party went to help the princess fight on the battlefield. They got absolutely owned but Liz came in to assist them. Each member of party got 750 silver.

Noteworthy Postgame Events