October 06, 2018

Game Master
Jean Watts
Ra'Gath (Kind Kobold warrior that Leo protected, adventures for riches.)


Investigate the abandoned reds hideout

Plot Synopsis

Party except Sans and Papyrus met at the Neptunian bath houses. It was explained to party that Despite mush of the reds being dead or in jail their attacks haven't stopped. Party was sent to investigate their abandoned hideout to search for any clues. On their way to skeletons crashed through the roof of their cart and joined party(Sans and Papyrus. Party entered the reds hideout and found evidence that the reds were being supplied and hired by Captain Jack who went under the code name Cap'n Crunch. They found out when the reds were supposed to next meet with him and showed up under the guise of being reds. They also were able to turn a punchdoor into a sentient being and named her Dorothy.
They also alter-formed her to look like a person. Before they went to bed Baylorf casted chaos and when party woke up everyone was wearing slutty pirate outfits. They then went to Cap'n Crunch's ship for the meeting. Cap'n Crunch reluctantly let them listen in. He handed the reds' weekly funds to the actual red who had showed up and party decided to try and kill the captain right there and then. Party fought off an entire ship of pirates. and turned in the remaining living crew members into the authorities for bounty everyone ended up with about 150 silver per. Sans and papyrus broke off and the rest of party informed the hirer who gave them custom magic items for completing the mission so thoroughly.

Noteworthy Postgame Events