August 07, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Mogradin (Deathknight of Anubis)


You are at Acceler Shots having a drink when…

Plot Synopsis

Each person has their own reason to be drinking when they hear yelling from the second floor and then a crash as someone goes flying through the skylight. This sends glass shards flying, some of which lands near Tanis as well as in Mog's much needed beer. Mog and Jacob go flying up after the man clad in all white, while Tanis grabs the yelling man as he tries to run out of the bar. Mog and Jacob follow the now invisible flying man to a portal, which is out over the water. After experiencing the frozen weather of this random plane they decide to head back to Jaern for some warmer clothes and to see what they yelling man in the bar had to say.

By the time they arrive Halima, despite Tanis' effects to the contrary, had managed to get some useful information from the man including his name, Aubrey. He explains that he was just having a drink when this guy in white just walked up and stole his short sword, which, he explains, has some magical properties. He offers to pay then 1000 silver each if they can get the sword back. They agree and he decides to go with them, because he doesn't trust them to return the sword, if they get it back.

After getting some functional winter clothes they catch a small boat to the platform under the portal. They then head through the portal. Once through they begin tracking the culprit who has landed, and left footprints in the light snow. They follow the tracks through many crevices and "ice slides," until they come to a cave. Jacob flies up to see if that is the way the mage may have gone, but it is very windy over the cave which makes flying difficult. Given the circumstances they decide to enter the cave after doing several actions to make sure it is safe.

After having some trouble with moving around in the cave they come across a sculpted entryway. They enter the entryway and find hallways and rooms where everything is sculpted from ice with no sign or other materials for buildings. They do find one room that contains several foreign items, which are encased in ice and appear to be on display. After much sliding around they come across a short man who appears to be made entirely of ice named Fridgeed. He is quite frazzled by their visit and tells them he hasn't had anyone visit his cave in many years. He does offer to help find the person that might be lurking in his mountain, and assist them in moving around the frozen landscape.

After much searching Jacob decides to check his warding on the portal and finds it has been breeched. With this new news the party decides to go back to Jaern with their new found source of amusement. Once they are back on Jaern, Jacob kicks Fridgeed into the water to see what will happen. When he hits the water is instantly freezes and he stands up on it and walks back to the platform. The party then catches a boat back to land. Once they arrive Jacob casts a spell, which boils Fridgeed away instantly. After some looking the group finds the culprit back in the bar, possibly looking for his next victim. The party grabs him to have a little chat with him. Aubrey gets his sword back and while they are talking to the man (who says his name is Tom), they notice that Aubrey is no longer present. A little while later Aubrey returns and Tom has them confused about who actually owns the sword. Tanis grabs Aubrey while Mog impales him. Aubrey claims he just left to get the money (only adventurers carry thousands of silver on them) and that's why he returned. The party decides to take them both to be truth scanned at the guild. While there they find out that the sword was Aubrey's and Tom was the thief. Even in light of that information Mog takes Aubrey's sword and Tanis takes him. After a small conflict with both Tom and Fridgeed Jacob ends up with Tom.

Noteworthy Postgame Events