October 13, 2018

Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Leo (Lizard rogue and Osirisite who enjoys nature.)
Yang (阳小龙) (Don't touch my hair)


Securing a Halcyon Well

Plot Synopsis

From the beginning, the adventurers were a group together, and from some call of fate entered the glowy purple crested portal at the proper time, as they become summoned instead of the standard minion.

After a bit of planning, our adventurers set off into the forest, observing the local life as they went. They encountered a few friendly ones, learning more about the local terrain, as well as managing to escape from the few deadly encounters that they accidently stumbled into.

Eventually, they made it to the well, where they noticed that two warriors fighting each other there already. Having seen part of the strength of one of them, they conversed amongst themselves whether they should also engage, though a friendly voice (yet unmet) suggested watching from atop the trees.

Partially listening, some of the group climbed the outer wall around the well, whilst others climbed the tree with their new acquaintance. Eventually, in a lull in the combat, the ones on the wall were noticed, and they were drawn into engagement. With a bit of luck from the magical amplifying effects of the untapped well, they defeated the hostile zombie warrior and took a defensive position inside. One of the party quickly returned to the origin location and brought the arch mage that hired them in, who set up a barrier and prepared to summon reinforcements. With the well secured, they were given their promised gift from some tapping of the raw power emanating forth, and returned home.

Noteworthy Postgame Events