October 13, 2018

Game Master
Benjamin Mirvish
Almak (A dwarf that likes to swing his hammer.)
Fwip [Mirror Sky] (Storms are beautiful.)
Cal 'The Jackal' Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)
Xerys (Elven Psionic Edgelord Assassin)


Adventurers needed to clear out a mine -Chief Longtooth

Plot Synopsis

Hiring time was set for 10:00 in the morning. Cal was first to arrive at 8:36, but did not pass through until 9:00 when Xerys. Upon the their arrival to the plane, they were greeted by Chief Longtooth, who offered them brunch. Cal had shrimp and rice stir fry with a side of ale, which he shared with Xerys. A little while later, Isaiah showed up and went through the portal, where he saw and recognized the chief, then struck up a conversation. Meanwhile, on the other side of the portal, Miror and Almak had arrived. Miror expressed concern over the Portal’s nature and went to report the portal to a manager, while Almak shrugged and went through. Miror found an official and was told that everything regarding the portal was above board, and then left to pass through the portal. Both Miror and Almak began to wander around town, with miror casting a spell to make it rain in the town, since the skies were originally clear. Miror then proceeded to the nearest Apothecary, where he picked up a potion and an energy drink, after an initial language confusion over the phrase “potion” between the specific item “potion” and the type of item ”Potion”. As the light rain began to fall, the adventurers were called over to the chief, and were briefed on the mission. A few days ago, the village had been excavating a new mine to secure a local iron supply, when they broke into an underground cavern. Upon the cave in, three miners were attacked and killed by something within the cave network. At this point, the mine was evacuated and sealed. The party then began to bum around the town for a few minutes, with Isaiah traveling to the apothecary to pick up a flash bomb, then returning to the group and joining in the discussion between Miror and Almak on how to distil the entire local bay into alcohol. After attempting to sample the local high-strength alcohol, Isaiah was knocked unconscious, and party gave up on their drunken endeavor and headed off to the mine. Isaiah woke up with a hangover on the boat ride across the bay, while Miror walked on the water over the bay to meet party at the mine entrance. Opening the doors, Cal set his orb of daytime in his shield and lit up the path ahead. The party progressed through the excavated area, where they found the skeletonized corpses of the miners, lying on the ground, which was stained by dried venom. Almak scraped some of the venom off the ground with his knife, then had Isaiah rehydrate it and taste it. Fortunately for Isaiah, the drying period had mostly neutralized the toxin, so while the substance was extremely bitter and unpleasant to taste, it was not harmful. Cal then used a series of spells to show the party the last ten minutes of the miner’s sight. The party was shown the miner breaking through the wall, then the wall exploding inwards as some grey and red creature charged through to barf poison onto the miner, who then lost consciousness for the remainder of the spell. Emerging from the vision, Xerys was able to identify that the creature had useable wings on its sides. Party then crossed the cave-in and entered the empty main cavern. Investigating a pool in the corner of the cavern revealed an underwater exit tunnel, in addition to two other visible tunnels in the cavern. Party then entered one of the tunnels, but not before Miror warded the other two tunnels to alert him if anything passed through them. As party progressed down their chosen tunnel, they came to a fork in the path. Choosing to go left, Miror just finished warding the right path when one of his previous wards tripped. Rushing back to the main cavern, they met the first monster upon emerging and engaged. After a single round of overwhelming offense, Miror landed a critical hit and killed the monster in the second round, just as his ward on the path behind them tripped. Party spun around just in time to face their second opponent, which they killed in another two rounds of combat. With the monsters in the dungeon defeated, Almak tried to drag the corpses out, damaging them in the process, before leaving the task to the villagers. Returning to the village, they were offered a choice between taking the full reward of 4000 silver, or spending 3000 of it to get an item from the blacksmith. Cal took the full reward, and the remainder of party took the items, with Miror selling his item back to the village for 2000 silver.

Silver: 1000 or 4000 with no magic items
Exp: 2500
Magic Items:

Noteworthy Postgame Events