September 29, 2018

Game Master
Jean Watts
Thorden Craghammer
Thorven Craghammer


Adventurers needed to take care of local gang known as "The Reds"

Plot Synopsis

Party met up with Liz, Astoundingly for her fourth hiring in a row someone has thrown up every time. Liz described that the reds have been raiding supply shipments and that scouts have located their base. The mission was to get them to evacuate their base and disband their gang(by all means) Instead of going straight to their base, party went to a location where they knew some reds to be. Baylorf tried to convince the reds that hundreds of T'orites were coming to their base at that moment but ended up tipping them off that he was an Adventurer hired to kill them. One of the reds fought him, the other ran. The one that fought him got his soul moved into a sword that Fenran still has the other one escaped and informed the reds at their base to prepare an ambush. Before party went to their base, Baylorf casted chaos and ended up making Vaullard's horse sentient and pissed off. Baylorf continued provoking him and the horse ended up chasing him down and stampeding him to unconsciousness. Thorden assisted the horse by strength bolting Baylorf. When they got to their base they fought off a firing range of angry reds surviving a fight with 2 mages, a psion, 4 gunman and 4 Bowman. Party was fire-balled as well. Party killed half of the members and turned the rest into authorities. Party received 2000 silver each as compensation.

Noteworthy Postgame Events